Smoky eyes how to get smoky eyes look


Smoky eyes look great on just about anybody and they make the eyes look attractive and out of the world. It transforms you from being the girl-next-door to a stylish diva. They are a great way to attract and keep attention to your eyes. The smoky eyes look enhances your entire personality and makes you look even more beautiful and attractive.

This trend is gaining popularity by the day and rightly so. We see them on television and want to achieve the same gorgeous look. However, most often it seems too difficult to get the right look. If you are one of the many women who yearn to get the smoky eyes look but are not able to achieve it, then this is the right place you have come to.

This article deals with basic instructions on how to get this look. Simply follow them and be ready to dazzle all with the perfect smoky eyes.

Start with the eyeliner

You should first start by applying the eyeliner correctly.

Apply the eye shadow

After the eyeliner, apply the eye shadow as base. Spread it all over the upper eyelid. Use a base brush to blend it well. You can smudge the lash lines using a cotton swab or even an eyeliner brush.

Get the smoky eyes look

Now blend in the colour at the bottom lashes. For the bottom lashes, you will need to select eyeliner of a lighter shade. Smudge the liner. This is the key to getting the smoky eyes. To get the full smudge effect, you can apply a bit of eye shadow also.

Enhance your eyebrows

You will need to now balance the strong smoky eyes makeup. To do this, you need to enhance your eyebrows. This will complete your smoky eyes look.

Practise it

Applying makeup is an art. Therefore, you cannot expect the perfect look, the first time only. You will need to practise it a little bit before you can get the perfect smoky eyes. You can keep to these instructions and you can be assured to get the look you want.

Do not highlight your lips

If you are going for the smoky eyes look, then do not highlight your lips. Go for the natural look for the lips. Smoky eyes are a strong makeup and you should always highlight either the lips or eyes. Never go for highlighting both of them. You might end up looking tacky.