3 Sleeping Positions For Couples

Sleeping Positions For Couples

Sleeping Positions For Couples

Half a person’s life is spent asleep, and a good portion of this time is spent with another person in bed with you. A couple’s sleeping position can be an indication of how the relationship is faring. Below are a few examples of the positions couples sleep in and what they mean for you and your partner. Facing away from each other on opposite sides of the bed could mean your relationship is on the rocks.

Maybe you’re drifting apart and your subconscious mind makes you scoot away from your partner at bedtime. Don’t take it at face value, though. If your relationship is in trouble, there will be other signs. Maybe you or your partner just need a little space at night.

Wrap Your Arms With Your Partner

Your relationship is probably in a good place if you face each other, with your arms wrapped around your partner. New couples or a new bride and groom tend to sleep in this position. Unconsciously you’re trying to be as close as possible, even if the position isn’t that comfortable physically.

Spooning Or Snuggling Up To Your Partner From Behind

“Spooning,” or snuggling up to your partner from behind, shows a very secure relationship, and has an inherent eroticism in the position. Couples who have been together for a while and are deeply in love sleep like this, showing that they are close and comfortable with each other. A position similar to spooning is that of the “loosely tight” position.  Little space is left between you and your partner. There’s always contact; a hand on your partner’s hip or legs touching each other. It shows you’re confident enough to have a bit of personal space, but that you’re still committed to the relationship.

A Hand On Your Partner's Hip Or Legs Touching Each Other

Most of these positions happen subconsciously during sleep, so unless there are other tensions in the relationship, don’t make too much out of sleep positions. Counselors can help if you’re worried. Or try talking to your partner about your concerns, because communication is important to any relationship. Just because you sleep apart doesn’t mean your relationship is ending. Some couples even sleep in separate beds, but they still have a loving and committed relationship.