6 Tips For Skin Whitening

Tips For Skin Whitening

Tips For Skin Whitening

White skin is preferred everywhere, especially so in the Eastern part of the world, where the hot sun ensures no one escapes getting tanned. Perhaps, the reason why the women in the East prefer white skin is because blemishes are not so evident and flawed features don’t stand out as they do for those with dark skin tones.

Popular amongst Asian people, skin lightening products have become a multi-million dollar industry, with big brands such as Olay and L’oreal competing with fly-by-night operators packaging their products in home ‘factories’. Literally hundreds of whitening products flood Asian markets, where regulation is either very lax or non-existent.

Olay For Skin Whitening

These cheap skin lightening products may produce fast results, yet the consumer often ends up paying a much higher price later. These skin lightening products can cause permanent skin damage, or worse, organ damage and skin cancer, since most of them use dangerous chemicals like hydroquinone and mercury as active ingredients in their skin whitening creams.

Therefore, if you wish to get rid of a skin tan and lighten your skin colour, why not use safer methods of which there are many, such as natural remedies that effectively lighten tans and prevent the skin from darkening.

The following home remedies for skin whitening, not only lighten the skin tone but promise a lighter complexion. However, best results are only achieved if they are inculcated as a part of daily routine.

6 Best Home Remedies for Skin Whitening

1. Bring a shine to your face and remove your tan with a mix of one teaspoon each of milk powder, honey, lemon juice, and half a teaspoon of almond oil. Apply on face and wash off after 10-15 minutes.

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Oatmeal For Skin Whitening

2. Oatmeal mixed with yoghurt, tomato juice and applied to the face and kept on for 20 minutes, then rinsed off with cold water, helps to lighten the skin by getting rid of the tan.

Raw Potato For Skin Whitening

3. Slices of raw potato placed on the face helps reduce blemishes and other marks.

Lime Juice For Skin Whitening

4. Lime juice being a natural bleach when mixed with turmeric powder and applied to the face is helpful in lightening your skin tone.

Orange Peels For Skin Whitening

5. A paste made of crushed, dried orange peels and yoghurt washed off with cold water after 15-minutes, reduces skin blemishes and scars, thereby making the skin look fairer and lovelier.

Gram Flour For Skin Whitening

6. One tablespoon gram flour mixed with two teaspoons raw milk and 2-3 drops of lime juice left on the face for 15-minutes before being rinsed off, works extremely well for lightening dark skin.


  • sreegowtham

    how to get white skin on naturally I want white skin with fruits

  • jasmine

    Its better to in-take fruit juice daily instead of applying them on outer surface

  • Rishy

    lemon juice stings my face, but it actually does lighten skin

  • hi! i am 13 yrs an indian girl.. as u know i am 13 yrs so mostly i stay out in the sun as i have to attend my school……. so my skin gets tanned … my color is brown…. N i have to make it white .. so i from your above home tips the 1st one……… so it will help to remove tan skin as well it will help toobtain white skin also……….. plz reply me i have posted my id also……..

  • raziq

    hi.i am brown .i want to be white not too but a little .what should i do?.please give me an any idea .i hope my message will be read

  • Mariane

    where do i get milk powder? and what kind of lemon juice? to drink? also what type of yogurt?

  • Sruthi

    Hi, This is Sruthi, studing IX std. My skin colour is brown and having pimples in my face and i want to make it fair and clear.

    Your valuable suggestions is requested.

    Thank you


  • vidya

    Hi friends, plz n help me too get a white skin and my rriends all r fair i feel bad wen i go near them. give me a good tip plz…… i want my skin to get fair & good look.

  • G K

    thanks… hope it’ll wrk fr me 🙂

  • asha

    Hi, u can use orange oil on daily basis, it gives good result. den use mixed flour bathing powder to wash it. within one month u can see best result. instead of going for creams its natural and best way i found. try out.
    its not easy to get orange oil, if u want i will give the consultant name number.

  • RohiniPriyadarshini

    1 tb of gram flour with 2-3 drops of lime juice 2 tea spoons of raw milk will really gives u white skin.. i have tried it and got it…. u too try it babe……

  • hasini

    hello use honey with lemon for your daily face wash it is a secret of me dont use orange oil asha my name also asha hai are you beloning to which state

  • CH

    hi, i tried the potato one yesterday, and i can already see a change ! thanks so muchh!!

  • rajan

    i realy want white skin my all frndz have white skin,my skin color is brown,how i get white skin………plz plz plz tell me the natural option like fruits and all….


    dont use any cosmetics like fair @ lovly etc. just drink two liter water per day and do some aasan yoga like PASCHIMTAN, ANULOM VILOM AND KAPALBHATI. YOU WILL GET RESUT SHORTLY………….SANJEEV KHARE

  • myra

    my face colr its dark , i wish my color is fair plz help me.

  • Naveen

    hi ,

    Ru sure is dat gud for skin tone …. bcz on my face got pimple marks more lik burnt as i am drak its luking hard too….
    So can u suggst me and and can u give me the consultant no …

    and tell me the steps to use this….

  • bhevz

    i get my black skin form going to beach…..how long it will takes to be white again??

  • Anonymous

    hi i am black in colour how tu become white if it is possible please tell please becuse i like wear dark clour t-shirts please tell me

  • i like white skin but i have got dark skin so can u help me pleaseeeeeeee

  • You should use turmeric paste.Then the hair on the face get removed and your face get’s fair colour rather than brown……..
    i ‘m 15 years old.Nd my friend had tried this!
    my email id is ‘[email protected]’ …(yahoo).

  • You should use turmeric paste.Then the hair on the face get removed and your face get’s fair colour rather than brown……..
    i ‘m 15 years old.Nd my friend had tried this!
    my email id is ‘[email protected]’ …(yahoo).

  • I can tell you a cream that really served my purpose. It’s Essentials Fairness Cream! Almost in a month, the change was visible. I totally swear by it.

  • I can tell you a cream that really served my purpose. It’s Essentials Fairness Cream! Almost in a month, the change was visible. I totally swear by it.

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  • anil

    iam anil my age is 21
    my hands are soo black & they are more like an old man hand
    plz tell me a natural tip for me to white them
    plz plz plz plz plz plz sir plz plz
    iam feeling to show them to anyone plz sir give me best tip that works so better for me

  • Armaan

    Paint with white colour. because there is no other way

  • Drink lots of water…eat vitamin c fruits..

  • Mai

    How long does it take to get a lighter skin tone if I used those ways?

  • Nipun

    hello, my skin tone is light brown, i have an oily skin and i also wanna have white glowing skin , i have tried oil free products, they worked well but not giving such good improvements ,in addition earlier my skin color was white but due to a lot of tanning it became this ,please give some suggestions.

  • fizan


  • fizan

    u need fuck with white boy ……then u r day by day young and beautifull m not joking try it …

  • sukhi

    hi my chin is black wt ganna i do plz help me

  • ll

    Interesting. In the West the desired look is to be tan. I am as white as one can get but since I get skin cancer I had to choose to embrace the pale skin and try to work with it and accept that this is who I am. This is the first time I have heard that others are trying to get pale skin. Here, tan and darker skin is much more preferred. I would encourage all the girls here to take care of your skin but to love and work with the coloring you have.

  • pooja

    hi i am pooja , i hv small pimples on my cheeks as well as pimple mark .pls suggest me some tips

  • arjun reddy

    Do only 1 tips sruthi plz i think u beautiful

  • padmaja

    I want to become white please suggest me best tip natural tip

  • Bhanu shree

    Hi this is Bhanu.. My natural skin in white but day by day I’m getting darker without reason n pimples are arising plz can u suggest to my skin

  • latha

    These are all nit work that is not possible to whitening the skin from dark ….if that is sun tan means it wrk

  • Srinivas Palakayala

    Hi my name is srinu .I am black and I have pimples on my face what should I do clear them.
    I am waiting for your answer
    your srinu