Skin rash


Skin is an important sense organ of our body. But many times due to various infections rashes appear on our skin. We can easily see our skin rashes as they appear in a form of red boils on the skin. There are various forms of rash which can be caused to a human skin. Some rashes appear in a form of scaly patches on skin formed by the action of any fungus or bacteria. Rashes can be sometimes severe so you should consult a doctor rather than diagnosing them on your own. A doctor will help you in treating the skin rashes by detecting the pattern of rash and prescribing correct treatment. The scaly patches that appear on the skin are not result of any infection and are referred as eczema.

The most familiar form of eczema is Atopic eczema. This form of eczema is generally caused because of hereditary factors and it usually shows up in childhood as dry and scaly patches on different parts of the body like hands, arms, legs etc. In adults these appear on hands, eyelids, genitals or anywhere on body. This form of eczema comes in the body from the parents. This type of skin rash can become visible and disappear in an individual without any solid reason but factors like weather can put some effect.
Diseases which are caused because of genetic factors generally occur together. Atopic dermatitis includes cracking and swelling and sometimes weeping, scaling and crusting too. This form of rash is not contagious and is not caused of any allergic reaction.

Another form of rash is termed as contact dermatitis. This form of skin rash is caused whenever the skin comes in contact with a material that causes irritation to body skin. Irritation causing substance can include a number of things including allergic reactions to different substances or coming in direct contact with any chemical irritants. This form of skin rash can also be caused by different poisons like ivy and oak or due to strong washing products or gasoline. It is also caused because of our different activities like wearing low quality jewelry.

The common prescription of this form of rash is different ointments prescribed by the doctor and of course avoiding the irritant which caused it.

There are various other forms of skin rashes which are caused like viral and bacterial rash which are caused by viral and bacterial infections respectively.

The general treatment of all the form of skin rash is to avoid the substance or irritant which is causing it and applying the medication prescribed by the doctor.

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