Skin Care In Winter


When winter creeps up on us, we are not always prepared. The cold months bring a lot more with them than just the frigid air and chilly nights. Our skin seems to have its own special reaction to the winter months as well.

We end up with itchy, dry skin, along with many other issues. The heels of our feet tend to crack, we end up with corns on our feet and our legs get hairy. There are remedies that you can do in order to prevent many of these issues.

If your feet seem to be having a rough time adjusting to boots and heavy socks, let them breathe in the evening when your day has come to an end. Give your feet a good massage and soak them in some warm water to help you relax. Take your favorite lotion and add a drop of vitamin E to it. Use this as a remedy for massaging your feet. You will feel like a brand new person.

If your legs seem to be getting a little hairy, get them waxed. This will not only remove the unwanted hair but will also get rid of the dead skin cells that are causing you to itch and have dry skin. Give your legs back that silky smoothness.

When your hands are feeling dry and rough, a moisturizing hand cream can help to reverse this. Whenever you go outdoors, be sure to wear gloves so that your hands are protected against the elements. Use a lotion on your hands after every time you wash them. You also want to keep your nails trimmed so they stay clean and help to prevent ingrown nails.

If your hair seems to be getting dry, blot instead of rub and avoid the hair dryer. Also be sure to use a deep conditioner on your hair to keep the moisture locked in and protect it against the winter elements. This way your hair will stay silky smooth and soft. You will also want to keep a moisturizer on your lips to prevent them from getting chapped.