Skin and Hair Care in the winter

Skin and Hair Care in the winter

Skin and Hair Care in the winter

Having healthy skin and hair is a never ending battle, especially when the weather cools down. Cold air is often rough on the skin and hair.  Since the weather has begun to change, have you noticed that your skin is looking dull? Is your hair not really looking healthy and strong? There some simple dos and don’ts that can rehabilitate anyone’s skin and hair.

Skin Care Tips

Drink plenty of water

Drink plenty of water. Drink more water than you think you can handle. Your skin needs it.  Eat healthy. Getting the recommended serving of fruits and veggies will do wonders for your skin. Wear sun block. Eat seafood. The famous Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils in tuna and salmon improve the health of the skin. Do moisturize your skin properly every day.  This is especially important to protect you during the winter months.

moisturizing cream

A layer of moisturizing cream will act as a buffer between your skin and the cold air. Exfoliate properly. Clearing the dead cells will allow the healthy, living cells to shine brightly. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water. If you want healthy skin, stay hydrated. Don’t go out without sun block. Don’t use harsh soaps.  Don’t use tanning beds.  The early morning sun is the best for tanning. Don’t over exfoliate. Doing too much good can take away the healthy skins cells as well.

Hair Care Tips

fruits and vegetables

Maintain healthy eating habits.  The same fruits and vegetables will help your hair come back to life. Wash regularly. It is important to free your hair of all the dirt and residue of life. Condition regularly. Your hair becomes dry and brittle and breaks easily under our hats. Don’t over wash your hair or skimp on shampoo.  Washing too many times a week can dry your hair out, especially if you’re using a cheap shampoo with a cheap cleanser ingredient. Don’t forget to clip your ends.  Cutting away split ends will help to grow healthy looking hair. Don’t forget to sleep with your hair in a satin or silk scarf, or sleep with a satin pillow case.