Six Golden Tips On Hair Loss Prevention

6 Golden Tips On Hair Loss Prevention

6 Golden Tips On Hair Loss Prevention

Hair is one of our greatest natural assets. It adds beauty and personality to our body. For this reason we get alarmed when hair starts to fall. Hair falls naturally because the longevity of a hair strand is 3-4 years. But when the amount of hair fall goes out of control it is regarded as problem.Causes of hair fall can be many – poor hygiene, malnutrition, scalp infection, dandruff, side effects of medicines, stress and strain, heredity etc. Before solving the problem of hair fall you have to understand the cause behind hair fall. You can prevent hair loss if you take some early steps. This article will give you a few tips on hair loss prevention.

Tips On Hair Loss Prevention

Maintain Hygiene

Maintain a good hygiene. Do not let dirt and dust accumulate on the scalp. Accumulated dirt makes your hair root loose. Shampoo your hair everyday or every alternate day to keep it clean completely. But be choosy about your shampoo. Use mild herbal shampoo to keep your hair in good health.

You can shampoo your hair with completely natural product. Make semi liquid paste of chick pea powder and apply it on your hair.

Maintain Hygiene

Be sure that every hair strand gets the coat of chick pea powder. Leave it for half an hour and then wash with plain water. Reetha is a completely natural product.

It is a type of fruit of a tree. Soak these reethas in hot water for 10-12 hours. Reethas will get soft. Mash reethas and you will get soapy water. Shampoo your hair with this soapy water. Use this water on a regular basis to keep your hair clean. Within a few days you will notice that hair fall has reduced.


Your hair may be regarded as the barometer of your general health. Unless you have good health you will not have a healthy hair. For this reason when your hair fall it is to be understood that you do not have fully good health. You have to depend on a good diet which will take a full care of your body and will nourish your body with every necessary product.

For healthy hair you need a continuous supply of vitamin B, Zink and iron and to get them there is not alternative to fruits and vegetables.

leafy green vegetables

Green leafy vegetables and herbs help to generate the growth of the hair and improves its health. Hair is made of protein and for this reason you need a protein rich diet daily.

Eat egg, milk, lean meat everyday to improve the health of the hair. Drink adequate water to hydrate your hair. Stay away from smoking and eating junk foods. Follow a good diet religiously and you will get benefit. Ideal diet can prevent hair fall.

Do Not Brush Wet Hair

Do not brush your wet hair immediately after washing it. The root of the wet hair remains loose. For this reason if you comb or brush the hair strand will come out.

Do not Brush Wet Hair

So comb your hair when it is almost dry and that too with a wide teethed comb. This practice will help to prevent hair fall within few days.

Restrict The Use Of Hair Drier

Do not use hair drier too much. Hot air that comes from the drier dries out scalp and damages hair follicles. Allow your hair to dry naturally.

Restrict the Use of Hair Drier

Restrict The Use Of Chemicals On Hair

Stay away from too much use of chemicals. Artificial chemicals that ultimately damage your hair are found in hair dye and in other hair cosmetics.

Restrict the Use of Chemicals on Hair

Restrict the use of it and keep your hair as natural as possible. To prevent the hair fall you have to restrict the use of chemicals.

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Home Remedies

There are few effective home remedies which stops hair fall effectively. Amla or Indian Gooseberry is one of the most effective natural medicines for hair. It adds life to your hair.Take a ripe and fresh amla and crush it to get the juice. Massage the juice on your hair or you can mix this amla juice with your hair oil and massage it. Amla powder is available in the market. Add this amla powder in your hair mask. Use any form of amla on your hair everyday and you will get benefit.


Apart from amla henna is a good natural product to stop hair fall. Soak some henna powder in warm water. Add yogurt and egg in it. Mix everything properly and apply it on your hair and scalp. Wait for an hour so that you hair and scalp gets enough time to absorb the nutrients.

Fenugreek seed is another natural product that has antibacterial property and it prevents hair fall by curing dandruff and other type of scalp infections. Soak some fenugreek powder in warm water to get soft. Grind it to paste. Apply the paste allover your scalp and wash after an hour.

Fenugreek seed

It helps to stop hair fall very quickly if you use it regularly. Make thick liquor of the tea and use this liquor to wash your hair. Tea liquor is a very good product which contains antioxidants and which stops hair fall and adds health to your hair. Regular oil massage is effective to prevent hair fall.

Oil nourishes your hair and boost up its growth. For this purpose you may take any oil from olive oil, coconut oil, canola oil, castor oil, etc. Before massaging the oil make it slightly warm because skin absorbs warm oil well. But do not make your oil too hot because hot oil may damage your hair. Onion juice, ginger juice, garlic juice and coriander juice are effective to prevent hair fall. Rub these juices on your scalp and keep it overnight.

Castor Oil

This practice will help you to stop hair fall within few days. Curry leaves effectively stops hair fall. Boil some curry leaves in coconut oil and massage it on scalp everyday. This will stop hair fall. Hibiscus flower also prevent hair fall. Take a red hibiscus flower and rub its petals on your scalp. Leave it for overnight. Practice this method daily and get the benefit.

Follow these tips on hair loss prevention. But if the problem gets complicated do not forget to take the advice of a hair specialist.


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