Sites And Activities in Mauritius


Mauritius is a small island which is located along the Indian Ocean, behind the African Coast. The place is very popular among the tourists especially for those who love to spend time at the beach. There are other activities as well in Mauritius and it is a perfect holiday destination for every one.

Mauritius is divided in five areas like East, South East, North, Inland and West. The South Eastern side of Mauritius is the most visited place as this is the first destination of those who travel by air. This part of Mauritius has good beaches which have beautiful scenes and there are coral reefs as well. There is a huge island as well in this part of Mauritius, which has a huge variety of fauna and flora. The island has many rare and unique wild life species as well, which includes Giant Aldabra Tortoise and Pink Pigeon.

If you head towards the Eastern part of Mauritius, there is small village named Flacq. It is a famous place because it has the popular open air market of Mauritius, which has a lot of attraction for the visitors. This part of Mauritius has a lot to offer for those who love water sports activities as there is a Water Park Leisure Village in Belle Mare. There is Island Crefs, which is famous for the water sports activities and most beautiful beaches in the entire Mauritius.

If you head towards the Northern part of Mauritius, you find the major shopping area in Grand Bay. North side of Mauritius is most of the time crowded by tourists as there you can also visit Balaclava Ruins, where you will get a close look at the medieval history.

The Western side of Mauritius also has many places to see which includes Martello Towers, which was built as symbol of abolishment of slavery on this island. After the end of this period of slavery, the immigration of Indians started. There is a bird park and many other places which are attractive spots for those who love nature.

Inland of Mauritius is also worth seeing as there are many landscapes in this part. There is a national park which is called Black River Gorges and this park has splendid vistas to offer to the tourist.