Simple Ways to Ask Him Out to Dance


Have you been eyeing an attractive man across the room, perhaps winking at him or even striking up a conversation, but have no idea how to ask him out to dance? Are you also worried that you might mess it up or he will know you are nervous? Do not worry, I am here for you!  There are several ways to ask him to dance; you just need guidance on how to pick the best one.

Tips on Asking Him to Dance:

•    The best advice I can give you is to be confident. Not overly confident, no one likes arrogance, but comfortable with yourself. This may seem hard, but it’s really not. Smile, stretch your neck a little, pull your shoulders down and back, and make eye contact when you ask him. This may look strange if you haven’t practiced in the mirror, but with a little adjustment, you will look like a model in no time.

•    Also, and this is optional, you can devise a clever pick-up line. This can break the ice and add a little comic relief. It will also make you seem more confident if you are being humorous.

•    The best way to ask him to dance is just asking him. This will eliminate stress and will not make you look silly if he says no (like if you use an elaborate pick up line). You simply say “Thank you anyway” and walk away. However, do not be aggressive with your question and ease it in with casual conversation to probe if he’s interested or has a girlfriend. If he seems interested, wait till music comes on that you can dance to and ask him if he would like to join you.

•    When asking a guy to dance, he will mostly likely say yes because there are no strings attached to dancing. This way you can inquire further to see if he is interested by the way he dances with you. Disconnected, with no facial expression is a bad sign, touching and a smile is a good sign.

•    If all goes well and he hasn’t asked you out yet, he’s probably waiting for you to ask. Just ask (still no strings attached if he says no) and if you talked and danced the entire time, it will probably be a yes. If it is a yes, swap numbers and arrange everything ahead of time so you are not playing phone tag.

•    If he should say no at this time, just brush it off and find someone else. It’s no big deal and I’m sure there are plenty of men waiting to dance with you!