13 Simple And Effective Tips To Growing Taller

Effective Tips To Growing Taller

Effective Tips To Growing Taller

Have you always wanted to increase your height by an inch or two? Have you always been jealous of the tall buddy who used to basket the balls or win running races brilliantly? Yes, most of you would say. But don’t worry. There are simple and effective tips that will help you grow taller, naturally. Here’re some of them:

13 Simple And Effective Tips To Growing Taller

Stretching Exercises

Stretching Exercises For Growing Taller

Stretching exercises motivate your body to grow more. It is important to stretch your body before and after any form of exercise. Stretching helps in making your leg and ankle muscles and joints longer thus resulting in longer bones. You can practice touching your toes by bending your body.

You all would probably know that human growth happens as a result of hormone secretion by the pituitary gland in the human brain. This hormone is called Human Growth Hormone. Stretching exercises help your body to release this hormone across all the body parts. This will in turn help you in gaining good height naturally.


Running For Growing Taller

Long distance running and sprinting work wonders on your body. Your core muscles around your stomach, back and sides need to be in good shape for you to grow taller. Sprinting and long distance running can help you strengthen your core parts.

Weight Resistant Snap Kicking

Weight Resistant Snap Kicking

As implied by the name, this type of kicking involves strapping small weights to your ankles and kicking. Ensure that you perform this in the presence of a trainer. You must also be very careful while performing weight resistant snap kicking as this may cause long lasting muscle injuries. If you’ve had any history of accidents involving knee injuries, you should stay away from this form of exercise. Or else, consult a doctor and get professional advice before starting this.

Sit Ups and Curl Ups

Sit Ups For Growing Taller

Consult a personal trainer to chart out an exercise plan that involves sit ups and curl ups. These exercises help you in strengthening your stomach and back muscles, which in turn directly impacts your height. You can do these in a gym or at home.

Field Kicking

Field Kicking For Growing Taller

This involves performing a large motion that looks like a kick. You can do this by swinging your leg way up from the hips. Your leg should also be firm while performing this exercise. Ensure to perform basic stretching exercises before beginning with field kicking.

Cardio Workouts

Cardio Workouts For Growing Taller

Performing cardio exercises such aerobics and jogging can help in increasing your height efficiently. To make this more fun, you can join an aerobic group and do this as a hobby.

Sufficient Rest

Sufficient Rest For Growing Taller

It is important to take enough rest after any strenuous activity. You can probably sleep for a while or simply lie down and relax. This will give your body enough time to repair the damaged cells and promote growth. Some experts also state that most of the growth in children happens during sleep.


Cycling For Growing Taller

While cycling, try to keep your seat elevated as this results in your legs stretching more for pedaling. You can perform cycling in your own cycle or in an exercise cycle. While cycling our side, you must ensure to adjust the seat height properly so as to avoid any fall or injury.


Swimming For Growing Taller

This is one of the best exercises that will help you grow taller and also to stay in fantastic shape. While swimming, your whole body is being utilized, thus promoting maximum mobility for all the parts. Swimming relaxes your joints and muscles. As you swim forward or backwards, your body is stretching in the most natural way.

Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet For Growing Taller

The fact that “you are what you eat,” is known to all. Good health is directly proportional to good food. Try to eat natural and healthy food and avoid junk food as much as you can. For growing taller, you should eat more of diary products    and fresh fruits and vegetables. By eating healthy, you will also feel in great shape, both physically and mentally.

Changing your diet in a small way can help you with bigger benefits. However, ensure that you are including all the necessary nutrition in your diet. Right amount of nutrition coupled with right amount of exercise will definitely help you grow taller and healthier. You should consider food that is helpful for muscle development. A protein rich diet helps in better bone and muscle growth. Eggs, fish and milk products are rich in protein.

A calcium rich diet is also important for your bones to grow stronger. Diary products, tofu, green leafy vegetables etc, are rich in calcium. You should also go for early morning walks to get exposed to the vitamin D generated by the sun. At least 10-15 minutes in the morning sun will help you relax and help you grow healthier naturally.

Similar to calcium and protein, another important factor that will contribute to your health is phosphorus. This can be seen in food such as nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits. You should include magnesium rich food such as whole grains and peas. Candy, sodas and fattening junk food may prevent growing considerably, especially for children. Avoid any such food that will counter the natural growth. Also, avoid fast foods and pre-cooked readymade food that comes in plastic containers. They will nullify positive impact of your exercise or your otherwise balanced diet.

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Drink More Water

Drink More Water For Growing Taller

It is necessary to constantly drink water for better growth. Eight glasses of water is the minimum that you should consume in a day. This has a direct impact on you getting taller.

Perfect Posture

Good Posture For Growing Taller

It is important to present yourself well by maintaining a good posture when you are sitting or standing. Your back should be straight while you are sitting or standing. Keep practicing it until you start getting the habit naturally. This will help your spine grow faster.

Beware of Supplements

Beware Of Supplements For Growing Taller

You should exercise caution in consuming supplements that promise increase in height in the easiest and fastest way. Some of these products may not be clinically tested and proven and may counter natural human growth. If you have a history of any disease, it’s necessary to check with an expert before using any of these supplements.