Silence is golden


slience Undoubtedly, marriage is a relationship of love, trust, and care but it is also imperative to know the value of speech and silence in keeping your marital relationship healthy and vibrant.


If there are instances of your husband’s best buddy making or attempts to make a deliberate pass at you. The behavior must not be tolerated at any cost and your husband must be made aware about the event. This deliberate behavior is infact an insult to your husband and to his friendship.

However, if it is a harmless, rare event conducted in half senses for example in a drunken state. The person can be given a second chance on grounds that the repercussions of this event can lead to a breaking of a long and deep friendship.

On the contrary, in case of males if there are instances of your wife’s best companion making a deliberate pass at you, immediately tell your wife about the instance.

Females do not indulge in making passes lightly and is certainly no true companion to your wife. It will be more hurting to your better half if she finds out about the instance by herself.

Devil’s Advocate

It is important not to be critical about each other’s official performances in public. Wedded partners are supposed to provide true support and encouragement to each other.

Partners need to tacitly support each other in every circumstance. It is advised to convey your observations privately. Mutual admiration is vital in having a healthy relationship.


Do not unnecessarily speak about your previous relationships with your spouse. Your spouse can sometimes never accept this and these utterances may become simply terrible, horrific, and unforgiving for them.

Unnecessary utterance of these events will bring no gain to the relationship. Infact in this pious relationship of marriage, unfaithfulness is often equated to murder.

Respecting in-laws

Avoid criticizing your in-laws with your husband/wife too often. If there is a serious issue, your husband/wife in most circumstances will take up the issue with their parents.

Unnecessary criticizing your in-laws will bring no fruitful results. On the contrary, it is also vital for males, to show adequate respect for their in-laws.