Signs That He is Cheating On You

cheating Signs

When your heart is not at ease and you can sense that something is not right in your paradise, but you are not able to put your hands on it. Something with your man is radically wrong. Suddenly his whereabouts are not known to you and certain “emergencies” always occur which put you on a back seat, he is not interested in sex. Your mind will ask you “Is he cheating on you?”

There are many signs which you must look for.

When he constantly says “I need more time for myself” even when the two of you do not spend much time together. When he always finds excuses to be away from you or when he is over protective of his phone. When he guards his cell phone or emails over protectively, it is a sure sign of red flag.

When you don’t find any interest or passion in your otherwise passionate sexual relationship and when sex with him becomes boring, take it very seriously and try to find the reason.Suddenly you feel that he smells really different or you find a strange smell of a female perfume on his clothes. He spends more time in grooming himself than earlier but not to impress you.

When he criticizes you all the time and keeps comparing you with somebody else. Suddenly you see that he has found a new interest in a new hobby or a cuisine which he didn’t enjoy earlier.All of these are signs and clear signals that can tell you that your partner may be cheating on you or something new and exciting is going on in his life which you are not a part of.Remember that in a relationship unavailability and inconsistency always mean that something is wrong somewhere. Always trust your intuition in matters of heart.

Continue to keep a watch on your partner if you find any of the above signs. Keep your eyes and ears open and find reasons for sudden change in his behaviour.Try to keep yourself calm and relaxed, though it may be very difficult. Confront your partner and then decide the future of your relationship.

Never cheat back just to make him jealous.

Chhavi Khullar