Signs showing trouble in your relationship


relationshiptruble To make your relationship healthy and long lasting, it is important to notice the signs that might be responsible for breaking it up. Usually, when I met people and discuss their problems, I recognize that they were not aware of the signs that were responsible for their break-up; the signs were there a long time before the break-up happens, but they didn’t take any notice of them.

Those were the real opportunities to reconstruct the relationship and rectify all the misunderstandings between the partners.

Personally, I am not a person who likes the broken relationship, nor am I a fan of divorce. The worst part of losing a relationship is not that you are breaking up; it’s your broken heart. When you are departing, you are leaving behind all the sweet memories that you shared with each other.

Therefore, it is very important to know when the relationship is working, or to understand when the conflict is healthy and when it’s destructive.

Just remember! Nothing in this world is perfect, especially when it comes to human behavior. Some of the signs that might guide you to identify that there is trouble in your relationship follow:

We might know that we are getting involved in the wrong relationship if the person appears too good to be true. Your friends might be guiding you, or you might get some signals from above.

For a relationship to run longer, it’s not important that the two of you should be the center of the universe, but you should focus your attention on your partner so they feel appreciated. So the problem would be that you are not giving your partner the attention he or she needs.

What if you are not planning your future together?  If both of you are planning your futures in different directions, without considering each other, then it’s but obvious that you will not be together in the future.

You must understand that a strong relationship is built on mutual strength, support and companionship. If you lack the chemistry between the two of you, then it’s difficult to maintain the relationship for a longer time.

Your partner should add value to your life through motivation,encouragement, strength and support. If you think you are not losing anything by ending your relationship, then that relationship it not worth saving.

Relationships always demand new challenges, and you should always keep yourself open for the attitudes and mindsets of the people involved.

If you think your partner is being an exhibitionist, that kind of behavior makes it more difficult to stay in that relationship for longer time.