Side effects of eating outside


Family food is gradually shifting towards fast food. Most of the families who live in cities or metro, they prefer eating outside. It’s not only about younger generation who we blame that they gorge to junk foods. Now, even the older generation is racing competition with youngsters. Fast food and eating outside is a new trend now. For some families, this is an opportunity to show off their style and lavish standard of living. Outing once in a while is not a bad habit but making it on regular basis is not worth living.

Over indulgence in such habits are waste of money and waste of time. This does not give you healthy eating habit rather you are risking your health. Eating outside is not hygienic, you don’t know what kind of oil they are using or if the spices used are not expired. Consumer protection rights will not always stand behind you to check whether the food items used are outdated or still can be used. Safety is in your hand.

For all those health conscious people, stop eating out side on regular basis. Home cooked food is ever healthy. Many dreadful diseases are spread through outside food.
Food related diseases are like food poisoning, diarrhea, typhoid, bacteria infections, dysentery etc.

Besides that, you can develop obesity and many harmful health related disorders can come to your home. You won’t believe, the heights of expenditure in the medical treatment is so high now. Therefore, it is always best to remain in safer side.

We live to eat or we eat to live? The option is yours. Eat healthy to live healthy; don’t pull your life before time. You should develop to eat at home. When you can not control yourself then what right do you have? This could be a question asked by your kids or children. It is true; you can not control some one being in the same path.

Behave like a rational person and follow the habit of eating healthy at home with all the family members. It is warmth that you would be sharing with your beloveds.

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