Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Are you contemplating a change of hairstyle, thinking of going from long to short? If so, you might have concerns, especially if you have never worn your hair short before. However, as you will see from the following information, there are numerous reasons to considering any number of short hair styles. Choosing a hairstyle that will be easy enough for you to manage on a regular basis can be a bit difficult. If you have thick hair, you will find that choosing the right haircut can be even more difficult. Here are some of the easiest to manage haircuts for thick hair.

The first thing is getting past losing the long tresses. Some women prefer to wear their hair short but many women hang on to the long hair they wore 20 years earlier in high school, eager for a change but scared to make it. While there is no right or wrong decision, and no one can put an age on the right time to make a change, you will find that many short hair styles can be far more flattering.

short hair styles

As everyone envies thick hair, the ones who are gifted with them should be proud. Maintaining this feeling, you can simply make a ponytail and still look stylish. Your hair might be long or short, a ponytail looks trendy anytime.

For special occasions, you can experiment by making dual ponytails or tie them sideways for a flirtatious look. You could choose a cut that allows you to wear it trendy when out dancing at night and then polished for daytime wear.

dual ponytails

Face it, short hair is sensual and sexy! You can take an out-of-date look and completely change your appearance by cutting your hair short. In fact, most women that go from long to short hair are amazed at how much younger, and thinner they look. Short hair not only makes you look better but feel better. You will have more energy and vibrancy, sort of stepping light.

Another teasing hairstyle is the partial ponytail, which leaves some of the hair out. Whether you want to show off a new weight loss or a hot new wardrobe or even an eye lift, a newly short style can be very flattering and youthful. It can be slimming and add vibrancy and new energy to your look and image.

eye lift

One of the reasons that makeover hairstylists and artists often take their subjects to a shorter length is because it highlights a new image. Women of any age, with some considerations, can go short and look spectacular.


  • sara ann

    i have THICK LONG HAIR and am considering doing away with some length is this a goode idea???? my hair is currently down my back and i have layers thoughout…..what is a good length that wont make me look like someone who wants short hair but cant do it?????? HELP!!!!!!