Short Hairstyles for Athletes


bolt Short hairstyles are desirable for athletic men and women because they are quick and easy to maintain and do not get too messed up during their performances.

While most athletic men are content with keeping their hair short and wearing it short in their day-to-day activities, athletic women who keep their hair short often wish that they had longer hair to vary their look.

If an athletic woman is really intent of wearing her hair long, she can just keep it pulled back in a ponytail while she is performing her sport.

Having short hair can be advantageous for an athlete. Short hair takes just seconds to wash and just as little time to style. A short hairstyle does not necessarily mean cutting it all off.

Female athletes that prefer to wear their hair short for their sport, but want it long to play with when they’re off the field, can try a bob style. A bob is easily maintained and can be pulled off of the face with a headband or scarf during a sporting event.

It can also be styled to match other looks the athlete may have. It is an easy day-to-evening look that can be pulled off by adding a touch of mousse or gel to give the hairstyle volume or by adding a hair accessory.

Any athlete that wears their hair long in the back should take care to keep the hair pulled off of the neck. Long hair that is left on the neck while a person is taking part in their sporting event can cause the hair to stick to their neck and possibly irritate the skin.

If you choose to wear short hair because of your athleticism, it is really a good choice.  The short hair can be worn naturally while being active. Afterwards, all you have to do is wash it, add some gel or mousse for volume, and give it a quick blow dry.

You can really get into styling the hair by straightening it, alternating the part or spiking it up.

It is important that athletes find the right balance between a functional hairstyle for when they are performing and a trendy look for when they are off the courts.

Athletes’ hair goes through a lot of abuse. It becomes covered with sweat and depending on the length, it can become tangled. The hair typically needs to be washed more often than non-athletes wash their hair. This is why a good hairstyle is so important for an athlete.