Shoe laces


The system which is most commonly used by everyone for securing the shoes is shoe laces. If the shoe lace is untied or loosened then it allows the shoes to remain opened and in addition it also allows the dust to enter into them. If the the laces are tightened with a good knot then it is more comfortable for walking and for several other different activites. Shoe laces are very popular now-a-days, however there was a time when people were not so fond of these shoe laces. At that time shoes with buttons or strips were used.

In the age of new trend, shoe laces are now prepared by various materials like jute, cotton, leather and other type of rope material. Shoe laces are made by various synthetic fibers as well. These modern shoe laces are more powerful and slippery in comparison to the traditonal fibers. These synthetic shoe laces give a glorious look and can be worn for a long time as well.

There are three similar types of shoe laces that are tipped with three different types of aglets. Thes aglets are Brass, Copper as well as Plastic. Aglet is a small plastic or the sheat of metal present on the ends of the shoe laces. This helps the threads fron wrapping and also helps to hold shoe laces in a better way. These aglets also make it easier to put in the eyelets of the shoes.

Generally, shoe laces along with horizontal cross-section are easy to hold and tied as well. The flat cross-section of the shoe laces are more comfortable incomparison to the shoe laces available in the round cross-section. These types of shoe laces with horizontal cross-section are called as fat laces. The shoe laces which are made from leather are generally designed in the square cross-section. These types of shoe laces are very-very common among boat shoes. These shoe laces are the ones which can be covered by the plastic or any other material to produce more friction in them. This increased friction in the shoe laces help the shoe laces to stay tied for a long time.

There are varieties of elasticized laces which are also available in the market. These laces can be listed as:-‘Traditional Elastic Laces’, ‘Knotty Laces’, ‘Twirly Laces’ etc. Traditional laces are the laces that are easy to tie or untie whereas Knotty laces are available in fat section. These laces can be tied or the ends of the laces can be kept loose. These laces are used to adjust the area in which lacing is done. Shoe laces made by elastic are very comfortable for slliping the shoes off or on without even opening the knot.


  • Jamie

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