Shaved Eyebrows


How many times have you told your man that he needs to have his eyebrows cleaned up just get laughed at? There are still many men who feel that getting your eyebrows done is strictly a female thing.

Believe it or not, some men are comfortable with going and having their eyebrows shaped up so they look good. But, you may also get that occasional man who will get brave and take a razor to them just to avoid a salon. Big mistake!

For one, that is having a razor way too close to your eyes. All it would take is one slip and you could do some permanent damage. So it is important to remember that safety should come first over vanity. There are other methods to try.

Second, razors can cause damage to your skin. Just imagine getting that razor stubble above your eyes for the whole world to see. It is almost expected to see it occasionally at the beard area but not where your eyebrows once were.

If your man is a diehard against going to the salon, maybe he will let you wax them at home or tweeze them. This would be a safer option than using a razor and he would look so much better. Seeing someone without their eyebrows can strike you as a little odd.

There are salons your man can go to that specialize in the care of men. This is where they can go to get their pedicures and manicures done without feeling as though they are putting themselves out there for public notice.

This can make men uncomfortable and that is the one thing that keeps them from going to the salon and getting themselves taken care of. Hence, this is where the razor comes in and all it takes is that one slip and you are left with no eyebrows or crooked eyebrows. What is even worse is when you make a mistake that you can’t fix and have to remove the entire brow. Step up to the plate and try a little wax by an expert. You may like the results.