Shania Twain gets divorce


Toronto – Shania Twain, the “That don’t impress me much” girl has ended her 14 yers old marriage as per sources. The Canadian Pop singer was married to the music producer husband Robert Mutt Lange.

In a statement issued by her spokesman on her behalf, the pop diva announced that she is getting separated from her long standing husband due to some personal problem. As per the statement issued she “this is a private matter and there will be no further comment at this time,”.

The 42 pop star who have given great hits had married to Mutt Lange in 1993. Mutt Lange is about 17 yeas elder to her and got married the same year that Shania launched her album.

Thanks to her cloistered hubby who has on no account given interviews, the couple was rarely seen together in public. Born Eilleen Edwards at Windsor near Toronto, Shania Twain’s is a rags to riches is like a fairy tale. The teen did all the her jobs in hotles and clubs to feed her family.

Some times later her parents died in a road accident in the year1987, she maintained her 4 siblings by performing in a local in a resort. It was only in 1991 that she landed her first recording agreement and changed her name from Eilleen to Shania.



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