Shahid Kapoor: the all-new look


Shahid Kapoor, who recently got a Kismat Konnection, with Vidya Balan is likely to be in theaters for its release. Other than the movie for its own, the film has ballyhoo about Shahid’s new hairstyle for the flick.The film is also much awaited as it casts much talked about new couple Shahid and Vidya Balan. While the duo was shooting for the movie, there were many bruits that Shahid, who just got coldcocked by Kareena Kapoor got a new admirer in Vidya Balan.

However, a chocolate-hero buzzed off the rumor recently, when he declared that the tennis glamour Sania Mirza, and costar Vidya Balan, are just good friends for him and nothing more than that. For Shahid’s fans, they should wait and watch if this new hairstyle will make the cutie pie of Bollywood, Shahid, look better finding new girlfriends or still has to stay all alone! Bollywood News