Sexy Conversation

You have visited a local bar and managed to start a conversation with a young and beautiful woman who is sitting next to you. You find the conversation has reached an interesting stage and get a feeling that you have convinced her to the extent that she feels attracted towards you. Now its time to think about the next stage, which is getting her into bed. You might have used all your resources and approaches to seduce her such as the shy-guy approach, nice-guy approach and mysterious-guy approach. However, you see all this approaches failing in your attempt in getting her into the bed and find your dream women still hesitating to make love. You need to use another approach called as the Latin Lover approach. One popular technique for selecting your women and seducing is to engage her in a sexy conversation with you. You can make use of selective seductive phrases to spruce up the conversation.

Make your women aware verbally that you are the fun loving, sexy and attractive person she always dreamt of – their lover boy like Don Juan. You might find this insane but it works. It is a known fact that females will never agree that they like simple men. You will find women even ignoring and showing irritation to your sexy talks and sexy conversation but they do it only to hide their impish desires. You need to use sensual talks to make them aware of their sexual fantasies else, you are doing the wrong thing to seduce them.

Women’s Excitement
Conversation on sex makes women excited in the same way men do. This is a fact as women have gathered extensive knowledge about this subject today. They are aware that they can enjoy sexual freedom the same way men do. Women do not meet on Friday nights to talk about the color of sweater they would like to wear for a meeting.  Definitely not, they sit and dream of having terrific sex with their lover boy. These are some of the examples of comments received from women who were interviewed.
•    I did not date a guy for quite some time. I became over excited. In fact, I even thought I would go right to bed with him if a nice guy approached me. But, what a shame not a single guy came forward to approach me.
•    Men do not seem to understand the fact that women want to have a great sexual relationship just as men do. If I find a man sincere, honest and shows interest, I will not mind sleeping with him.

  • Carlos Estrada

    Uhm, girls wont appreciate this, it wont work, we know when you want us in bed, we are not stuppid. Simply from the beggining make her know all you possibly want is sex, or else dont plan on getting your cock inside her.