Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Men

Because of sexual contact, men and women can face many diseases. These diseases can arise as a result of vaginal intercourse, oral sex, or even anal sex. These diseases are more common among teenagers and young adults than in the older population.

The sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs, are caused by germs like viruses, bacteria, or parasites that pass between the individuals during sexual contact.

If this type of infection is detected and treated at an early stage, then it is usually very easy to eliminate. Generally, all types of STDs can be cured, but there are some dangerous sexually transmitted diseases, like a type of gonococci, which is difficult to treat.

One of the most dangerous types of this disease is AIDS, or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, which does not have any cure, although the symptoms can be medically treated. This disease is very deadly and it works its course by affecting and damaging the immune system, leaving the patient susceptible to illnesses that would normally not be deadly.

Men also experience STDs and they should be aware of symptoms and consult a doctor immediately upon experiencing any of them.

This can prevent them from developing serious health problems. One of the most common symptoms of STDs in men is pain while passing urine. It is generally accompanied by fever. Cloudy urine is also an alarm to this problem. Check for any abnormal discharge from the penis. Crusting at the tip of the penis should not be ignored.

Check the area around the genitals for sores, lumps, blisters, rashes and even warts. Pain, swelling or even tenderness in the scrotum is not a good sign. If you experience itching, tingling, pain or even burning of the genitals, you should immediately consult a doctor. Deep pelvic aches are also a negative sign.

It is essential that you give your doctor a detailed view of the symptoms, as this will help to diagnose the problem correctly. Ignoring the above symptoms can result in a serious problem. It is essential to go for timely STD check ups.