Sexuality actuality is universal in nature but different in appeal to people living in different parts across the globe. Ancient Egypt had its own coloring of sexuality actuality like all other races. Sexuality actuality in the religion of ancient Egypt is portrayed with adultery, incest, homosexuality actuality and masturbation. Egyptians Gods are portrayed earthy enough to copulate. The importance of sexuality act is revealed with their belief of enjoying it from birth to death and even in rebirth.

The fathering and childbearing ability to beget children marked the masculinity and femininity of ancient Egyptian people. Adultery in sexuality act was not an allowable act and men were punished with a divorce and women were put to death. The Egyptian literature ‘The Tale Of Two Brothers’ bears testimony to the fact. Unmarried women however reveled in the liberty to choose their partners and enjoyed sexuality act life to the fullest.

Incestuous marriages were general in ancient Egypt where half brothers and sisters were engaged in marital relationships. For a man to become a Pharaoh, he had to marry a royal princess who would necessarily be his half sister. A sister could mean a wife or a mistress too. Contraception and abortions were both dominate in Egypt. Prostitutes dressed themselves attractively and painted their lips red. This was one of the beauty secrets of ancient Egypt. Egyptians enjoyed in involving themselves in face-to-face sexuality act or anal sexuality act.

Lettuce, gingers, fennels, pomegranates, corianders with wine and radish mixed with honey were some of the general aphrodisiacs. The priests were forbidden to have onions as it aroused the sexuality actual desires. Other unusual aphrodisiacs were pearls dissolved in a cup of wine and baboon faces added to aphrodisiac ointment. The wealthy people in Egypt clothed themselves in long see through robes and slaves were always nude.

Sexuality act was an important aspect in the life of ancient Egyptians where they believed to enjoy sexuality act even after their death. False penises and nipples were attached to the mummies in order to get engaged in an active sexuality act life even after their death. The Egyptians also believed in begetting children even after their death by installing fertility dolls with wide child bearing hips and paddle dolls that ended abruptly at wide pubic areas with tiny heads, arms and legs.