Sex Under Water

Sex Under Water

There may not be anything like an evening of a little water sex to get the night started. So dress yourself in nothing but the coated water and get lost into an act for the most sensual feeling. Make love in water and imagine a couple of hours of sexual under water act where two bodies flux in between the soft showers, wet lips cuddling each other and wet arms playing the saga of love on one another’s body; you must practice the art of lovemaking tonight that may be treasured for life.

Nevertheless, there are a few things you must know about aqua bonking, the frictional qualities of soaps, temperature, blood pressure and other anatomical variables before you embark on each other. So apply these must follow steps to the noble art of Sex under water. Make sure the water lukewarm and once blood leaves your brain for your penis you’ll feel decidedly light-headed and the hotter the water the more likely you are to have a quick orgasm.

1. Sex therapists state the male sexual organ becomes less sensitive in hot water. Which means that you could have sex without a break for weeks without a result.

Try Avoiding Any Sexual Position Under The Shower

2. Try avoiding any sexual position under the shower that may hinder your balance just to find yourselves hit by a tap or something very seriously.
3. Keep all soap out of the equation and mutual lathering may seem like harmless foreplay but there are very few soaps that don’t sting like hell or irritate the sensitive tissue inside the vagina and on the outside of the penis. Water, particularly soapy water, has an irritating friction co-efficient, so use saliva as a lubrimayt.

Irritate The Sensitive Tissue Inside The Vagina And On The Outside Of The Penis

4. Place a lot of towels on the floor next to the bath and move out of the bath onto the towels for finishing or you will still be there for long hours and you won’t be able to pee for a week.

Take Off Each Other's Clothes, And Then Slide Into A Warm Tub With Your Ladylove

Take over each other for sex under water. Take off each other’s clothes, and then slide into a warm tub with your ladylove sitting behind you. Take turns slowly lathering each other up with a soft, natural sea sponge. With her hand on top of yours, start tracing slow, sexy circles around the breasts, belly and inner thighs.

Repeat the same on the sexy body. Create the slow north-south rhythm and the slick; warm feeling will create a toe-curling sensation. Concentrate on stroking the parts that have innumerable nerve endings and these simple water moves are so hot and steamy; they’ll fog up the mirror in seconds flat. Linger in Mr. Bubble all night. Once you reach the thigh-quivering brink, towel off and slip inside the warm sheets together.