Sex Tips: Three Ways To Make Women Happy In Bed

Ways To Make Women Happy In Bed

You may have tried many times to make her feel like a woman but chances are that you have failed. Most men are unable to make their partners orgasm and this could be one reason why women look out for other options such as masturbation and use of sex toys for sexual satisfaction.

If you really want to make your woman orgasm, you need to spend more time with her. While making her ‘cum’ is not impossible, it certainly takes some effort. If you are equipped with the right knowledge about her body, feelings and erogenous zones, you can too make her orgasm and satisfy her.

It is always better to have knowledge about where she likes to be kissed and what she likes most in you. This will help you to act appropriately. For example, holding her back softly and giving gentle kisses on her collarbone can help you turn her on.

It is, obviously, going to work in your favor once she is aroused. There is no magic button that you can press for making her orgasm but you can surely make a small effort and reap the benefits of satisfying her. Let us have a look at three different and unique ways in which you can make her orgasm.

Put On Some Musky Cologne

Getting Her Fully Aroused

The sense of smell is the strongest of all the five senses when it comes to sexual functioning. This is because musks mimics testosterone and women love musk. That is more than enough. Women will remember the last time they made love if you wear musk. Getting her fully aroused is the first step towards making her orgasm.

Warm Up Her Feet

Warm Up Her Feet

Women with warm feet are more aroused that those with cold feet. The likelihood of an orgasm increases if the woman’s feet are warm. Jumping directly into action will leave both of you cold. Spend some time making her feet warm. Wearing socks can be good for her. She can keep her heels or stilettos on and this will only add to your sexual action.

Kiss On The Right Side Of Her Spine

Kiss On The Right Side Of Her Spine

Touching the right side of your partner’s spine will melt her like a chocolate ice cream. This is because her left brain controls the right side and since the left brain is the logical side, you can lead her in to anything. Even if you are thinking about doing something kinky, a good time to talk about it is when you are naked and you have just spent some time on her left back. Interesting, isn’t it?