Sex Positions That Women Enjoy

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All women love sex – in fact, women enjoy sex and think about it just as much as men do. They are just a little bit more secretive about it. Women do have sexual fantasies, and they do think about what they would like to do with certain members of the opposite sex.

It is not only men who fantasize about these things. These wonderful sexual fantasies may include many different themes and different people. When it comes to the time to get naked and make love, you should realise that the positions a woman enjoys are not always the same that a man enjoys.

Enjoy A Nice Lap Dance

Many women like to be on top. It helps them to feel powerful, and many women actually like to be the dominant one. This feeling is going to help you a lot, because it will make her more excited and work like an aphrodisiac, increasing the desire that your woman has for you.

There may be a couple of reasons your woman might have for not enjoying this type of position. She might not be quite tall enough to be able to do it with comfort, in this case you might try moving over to a nice couch or chair, so that you can use it for gaining a better position.

Your partner might also feel a bit too exposed while she is sitting on top of you and moving around. The sofa can be a great tool to use, as it allows your partner to brace herself better during the act of love making, and really ride you.

Spicing Up The Missionary Position

This might not be the most exciting postion ever, but many women enjoy this position quite a lot. It is a very intimate position and it does not need any sort of special movement, or strange positions.

Lay her on the bed and spread her legs apart, with your hands or your own knees. You can put her own hands above her own head, to give her a feeling of being held, and perhaps dominated, if you would like. Be firm and loving, and make sure that you do not cross any boundaries.

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    Resently, I got married and don’t how to satisfy my partner & how to take position to be confortable. plz suggest me ?