Sex Drives And Exercise

Sex Drives And Exercise

It’s often been asked the interplay between sex and training. How does one affect the other? Does training have a huge impact on libido? Does pre-workout sex decrease rep range? Common questions, especially among newbie weight lifters, and freshman athletes; they are quite reasonable questions, given the fact that the hormone testosterone is equally important to both sex drive and weight training.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, whether insufficient research, ignorance, or taboo, these issues are never fully answered to the extent, and with the candor that is desired. Rather, it is bypassed with a simple, an often-unproven response. Today, the question is answered, based on clear scientific research.

Training On Sex


Contrary to the belief of some, weight training enhances men’s sex drive, due to its ability to increase testosterone levels, and by extension libido. Core exercises, such as the bench press, squat, and dead lift, done with adequately heavy loads, and proper form, lead to testosterone spikes, and hence a rabid sex drive.

It is overtraining, which must be avoided, since it leads to fatigue, soreness, and a plunge in testosterone levels. Overtraining is avoided by limiting training sessions to fifty minutes, hydrating muscles throughout workouts, using correct training volumes, and through adequate rest and recovery.

Weight training also leads to improved physique, and sexual allure, which in-turn fosters improved self-confidence, and increased sex drive. Additionally, the healthy diets and quality rest, incorporated into weight training programmes, also increase testosterone production.

Sex On Training

Sex On Training

Conversely, sex does not affect the quality of weight training. Rather like the effect of weight training on sex drive, sex facilitates the release of testosterone hormones, which stimulates muscle tissue building, and muscle growth.

Testosterone and adrenaline levels increase in response to sexual stimuli. Therefore, exposure to pre-workout sexual stimuli may have much the same effect on workouts as creatine and taurine, in their ability to enhance performance. Further, post workout ejaculation, has been proven to naturally increase ‘killer cells’, which are important in promoting immunity, and enhancing recovery, in similar manner as L-glutamine.

The Verdict

Moderation is the key to the successful interplay between sex and training, as overtraining, and excessive sex are sure to negatively affect their harmony.