Sex After Birth Of The Child

It is fascinating to know that a child is about to be born for the couples and the marriage relationship is strengthened further. But, the couples could be curious to know when they can resume the fascinating moments in their sex life. Here are some points to consider on this issue.

How long to wait?

Normally, after the child is born, the couples have to wait for about six weeks. The gynecologist could guide the couple on this issue, depending on the health of the mother.


Those women who have Episiotomy are likely to have some embarrassing situations during the first sex. In such a case she could use a lubricant which dissolves in water.

Use of Condoms:

This is very important. A breast feeding mother may become pregnant within six months after delivery. Therefore, the couples should use good quality condoms for safety.

Physical appearance:

After the baby is born, whether the mother likes it or not, the physical appearance of the mother will undergo some changes. It is possible to arrest some of the physical changes by doing some exercises or by following some dietary procedure. Some other changes cannot be reversed. The mother has to bear with these changes.

Disturbances by the infant:

The infant wakes up frequently and that may cause disturbance for the couple in their renewed act of fantasy. They have to bear it for some time; because, as the infant grows, he will start to have long sleep and would not cause much disturbance.

Vaginal dryness:

Those mothers who are breast feeding her infants are likely to face dryness in the vagina. Thus, sex could be difficult. In such a situation, she can contact her gynecologist who may prescribe some lubricants which gets dissolved in water.

Longer sleep:

After delivering the baby, the mother is normally fully exhausted and she is in need of rest to recoup her lost energy. Therefore, she would prefer long sleep to sex.

Baby by the side:

With the baby by the side, the couple may not feel free to have sex. This is because; the couples do not like to be disturbed by the baby. So, the couple could shift themselves to the next room.


During delivery of the child, the vagina gets extended. Therefore the woman should practice Kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles of the vagina.

  • Is it common for sex to hurt the mother after the six weeks is up after the baby is born?