Seven Treatment Options For Bronchitis In Infants

Bronchitis In Infants

Bronchitis In Infants tips Bronchitis is caused due to inflammation of the bronchi in the lungs. This disease can be either in acute or chronic state. Acute form of bronchitis is basically caused due to viral infection. However, an infant may suffer from chronic bronchitis due to various reasons.

The most common reasons include exposure to smoke and contact with irritants to which an infant is allergic. The problem of acute bronchitis is found in higher percentage in infants as compared to adults. This is mainly because of narrower bronchitis and weaker immune systems of the infants. Here are some of the best treatment options for bronchitis in infants:

Different Treatment Options For Bronchitis In Infants

Continue Breast Feeding or Bottle Feeding

Doctors recommend continuing with breast feeding or bottle feeding the infants in a normal manner as it helps in    building the immunity of the body. Proper intake of fluid is necessary during times of illness because it helps in reducing the risk of dehydration in the infants which may be caused due to fever and mucus production associated with bronchitis.

Use a Vaporizer in Infant’s Room

For loosening mucus and improving breathing of an infant suffering from bronchitis, a cool-mist vaporizer or humidifier can be kept in the room of the infant. This is considered as one of the best natural remedies. However, it is recommended to regularly clean the vaporizer in order to prevent any kind of mold growth which may lead to other severe medical problems.

Use Bulb Syringe for Removing Mucus

Bronchitis In Infants

The skin of the infants is very delicate. You should use saline solution for loosening the mucus and clearing the congestion of the nose. You can remove the loosened mucus from the nose using a bulb syringe.

Give Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen on Doctor’s Recommendation

It is recommended to give acetaminophen to the infant for reducing sore throat pain as well as fever. It’s always better to follow the instructions given on the product label or take the consultation of the doctor for this. Ibuprofen is also suggested by the doctors for treating this condition in infants.

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Don’t Give Aspirin

To avoid the risk of Reye’s syndrome, doctors recommend not giving aspirin to the infants for treating fever caused due to bronchitis.

Use Expectorant for Clearing Mucus

For clearing the mucus, only a doctor recommended expectorant should be used. It also helps in clearing the airways as well as easing the process of breathing.

Give Antibiotics on Doctor’s Recommendation

In case, the tests performed by the doctor on your infant shows that bronchitis is caused due to any bacterial infection, then you should follow the complete course of antibiotics suggested by the doctor. It’s better to complete the course even if the condition of the infant improves after giving a few doses only.

how to treat Bronchitis In Infants

You need to keep a thorough check of all the symptoms of your infant’s condition. Signs like wheezing, increased fever, vomiting, decreased urination, rapid or shallow breathing and lethargy should be immediately paid attention as these may be the warning signals for worsening condition.

In case the nostrils of your infant flare when he breathes or he draws inside his chest and neck with each breath, it’s an alarming condition and you should immediately call the doctor.
If you see a blue discoloration around the lips or fingernails of the infant and he stops breathing frequently, then it’s an emergency call. You should immediately take the child to a doctor to avoid any severe conditions.

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