Seeking true love:-


True love is something which everyone desires of. But to find true love is very hard as no one is sure that where can they find true love and how can they find it. The qualities of a true love cannot be searched directly as it is to be cherished and made up to grow. It builds up gradually and the feeling it gives cannot be compared to any other worldly thing. Love is something which should never be searched; it is a gift which comes to you as a present from god. Somewhere someone is made for you and once you got it you get the eternal blessing and a feeling of pleasure. The main problem because of which people fail to seek their true love is that they get attracted to the physical appearance, wealth and the beauty of a person. God don’t pay attention to these types of qualities so shouldn’t we as these qualities cannot guarantee the true love. For seeking true love one should look at the heart of the person. The nature, attitude and behavior of the person also play an important role in seeking true love.

Love should not be considered as emotion, it can be best seen as action and devotion. Love is not actually based on our feelings; it is generally based on our true devotion which leads to true action that is true love.

Often it is believed that making sexual contact should not be considered as part of true love as it is a physical desire therefore cannot be considered with love. Sex is just the result of human desire which takes place because of the physical appearance of our partners. But this statement is wrong as sex is a good way of expressing true love but one should remember that sex is interconnected with love and care and is not just a physical desire.

True love is a blessing for life time and can cherish the life of a person. One who finds true love needs nothing more as true love is enough to provide all the enjoyment and pleasure to a person. True love is a joyful experience and is one of the most beautiful blessings which almost every human being desires.