Seaweed – Wonder Food

Seaweed Wonder Food

Seaweed Wonder Food

For a long time now, Seaweed has been used as a health remedy.  Its curative qualities are many if one adds its derivatives to bath water, in addition to the beneficial effects it has when used in cooking.  And only recently, scientists have discovered that seaweed is also useful in increasing the amount of fibre in our diet.

Researchers report that high-fat and calories loaded food can be made healthier by adding alginate (a seaweed extract) to it.  This is a boon for any junk food junky, as they can indulge their fetish for burgers and cakes, simply by adding alginate, a new weapon in the constant battle against obesity, diabetes, heart disease and bowel cancer.

Burgers And Cakes

Odourless and tasteless, Alginates have many benefits and can be added to fattening foods without consumers sacrificing any of their enjoyment of them.  The fat content of a burger cam easily be removed and replaced with the seaweed extract, which is an entirely natural product from a sustainable resource.

The best way to make it reach people is to add it to bread, because it is a staple in most everyone’s diet.  Seaweed extract added to white bread can help quadruple the amount of fibre in it.  With a long history as a health benefit, seaweed is rich in iodine which is used extensively to treat goitre or a swelling of the thyroid due to lack of iodine.

Excellent Source Of Iodine

With a high concentration of mineral content, seaweed is also an excellent source of iodine and contains calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc, as well.  Copper and iron are necessary for healthy blood, while magnesium assists in the proper functioning of muscles and nerves.  One requires Calcium for healthy bones and potassium for the maintenance of body cells and balance of fluids.  Zinc is useful in building up the body’s immune system.

B Vitamins And Beta Carotene

Most seaweed also contain some B vitamins and beta carotene, which is the plant form of Vitamin A, the amount varying according to the type of seaweed and how it is served.  An important anti-oxidant, Beta carotene is useful in preventing degenerative diseases, such as, cancer.  Traditionally, it has also been used to treat a wide variety of ailments, including constipation, colds, arthritis and rheumatism.

  However, the high sodium content of seaweed is not recommended for those on a low sodium diet. The Japanese who have a lot of seaweed, using it to enhance the flavour of salads, soups and savoury dishes, believe it to be excellent for the hair and for preventing throat cancer.