Say No To Bad Hair Days


Is your hair a mess, a veritable bird’s nest that a magpie could steal eggs from?  But, even though a quick wash, brush and dry should do the trick, does your hair still end up sticking out all over the place and dry as straw?  No need to scream at yourself whenever you look at your hair in the mirror every morning.  Bad hair days that extend through the week could be that you are employing the wrong technique to wash your hair, even using the wrong brush.

Washing your hair correctly or incorrectly, either hinders or helps your scalp, hair and style, as well.  Experts advise shampoo is to be applied on wet hair, and then only on the hair nearest the scalp.  By gently working the hair into lather around your scalp helps concentrate shampoo where the oils and impurities build up.  Allow a diluted amount of shampoo to run through to the ends of the hair follicle to retain healthy oils in the fragile ends.  Also avoid shampooing hair upside down, as it tends to create more tangles than necessary.

Those with long hair are advised to take some conditioner on their fingers and run them through their hair to detangle it.  Rinse, gently squeeze water from your hair and pat dry with a towel without rubbing.

Make a beauty investment in a well-made that will last for many years, if proper care is taken of it.  The hundreds of hair that we lose everyday; builds up along with hair oil and scalp exfoliation, which can ruin the brush and prevent it from performing well.

Clean your brush by using a comb to remove hair from it.  Next soak the brush in a solution of hot water to which a few drops of shampoo or mild detergent has been added.  Rinse and dry thoroughly before use.

Choose the correct brush type and size for best performance.  Thick, coarse hair doesn’t need additional volume and can be tamed with a cushion-style paddle brush to smooth it into a sleek style.  For coarse, dry hair, natural bristles are an excellent way to re-distribute natural hair oils evenly and massage into the scalp.

Wavy hair needs a round vented brush with rounded nylon ball tips moulded as part of the bristles.  Brushing hair with bristles that have missing nylon ball tips can pull and cause hair breakage.  Since, wavy, curly hair also tends to be frizzy and flyaway when dry brushed, it is better to use a wide toothcomb between washes.

A vented brush is best for fine hair and helps keep it smooth and straight.  Natural bristles are recommended, as they help to provide nourishment to the hair follicles.  Use a barrel-shaped thermal brush to give lift to fine hair, by holding the hair away from the scalp when blow drying.  Hot hair from the dryer heats the metal core of the brush, making it act like a hot roller, which helps create body and curl.

A brush should never be used to remove tangles from long hair as it cause hair to split.  A vented or round brush is recommended for styling, as vented brushes allow for faster drying time, while one can shape the hair or create flicks with round brushes, a la Madonna.  If, you want to straighten and tame long hair, best to go in for a paddle thermal brush!