Safe Condoms

Teens Today

Many teens do not like to use condoms because they fear less feeling may result in decreased sexual pleasure. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, kids are trying to keep up with peer pressure, and have very strong urges to feel accepted. These factors are causing our teens today to do things that sometimes just do not make sense.

No Teens are invincible

Feeling invincible is part of growing up, but these kids are taking their lives and the lives of others to some extremely risky levels. We have some very serious issues today with sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS, and teen pregnancy. The death rate from unprotected sex is on the rise. We can no longer blame ignorance for this issue.

As Responsible Adults

Using condoms has quickly become a life preserver in today’s society. Our responsibility as adults needs to focus on making these kids (and some adults) realize they can lose their lives and infect their friends, as a direct result to their actions. This information needs to saturate the world and we need to drive home the point.

The Researchers Found that—

Researchers have shown that teens have the belief that condoms do not allow them to experience all of the sensations that sex generates, and apparently, the teens are not communicating very well with each other in intimate situations. They actually believe that their partner may not approve of the use of a condom, and therefore they do not even bring it up in conversation.

Four separate research clinics surveyed 1400 teens between 15 and 21 years of age and found that they had engaged in unprotected sexual relations during the past ninety days. Additionally, on the up side to all this, researchers found that attitudes can be easily changed through intervention.

Community Intervention

Conducting studies to calculate the actual risk in your own community is a great place to start. Confront their careless attitudes in a positive, action oriented way. Interventions such as these, according to the research studies conducted, will influence most teens to try a condom.

These community programs are the best way to raise awareness and get condoms into the hands of teens. Add programs to the roster that will allow teens to learn how to take care of their own sexual health.