Romantic Nicknames


What romantic nicknames do you give your spouse, lover or significant other? Romantic nicknames are nicknames that most couples used to express love and endearment towards each other and by using romantic nicknames, couples feel at one with each other (like the ying and the yang.)

For romantic nicknames, lovers and spouses often call each other by the following nicknames: “Darling,” “Boo,” “Sweetheart,” and “Muffin.” No matter how you say it, romantic nicknames are used by every single class of people all over the world, whether in Europe, Asia, South America, Australia, Africa, North America or anywhere else.

For most Caucasian couples, typical romantic nicknames such as, “Darling,’ “Sweetcakes,” “Angel,” or “Cowboy, are used while most African-American couples use romantic nicknames like “Boo”, “Pookie,” “Grrl” or “Guy.”

Choosing a romantic nickname should be easy and not a chore. When picking a nickname, it should come from the heart and not be offensive to the other partner in the relationship.

What is the right nickname for your spouse or lover? Well, that is up to you, since there are so many for you to choose from. For example, a girl choosing a romantic nickname for a guy, would not want to choose a name like, “Princess” or “Lovergirl” and a guy finding a romantic nickname of his lady would not want to choose a nickname like, “Stud Muffin” or “Hot Rod.”

Again, what is the right romantic nickname for your mate? Well, there is no right nickname but let us say that if your mate reminds you of a muffin, you would him or her, “Muffin” or if you mate reminds you of an angle, you would call him or her, “Angel,”

So, in the end, does the nickname of your mate matter? Not really, just as long as the name comes from the heart and the soul.