Right-Fitting Bras


Women who are considering breast reduction surgery to prevent severe back pain can save themselves thousands of pounds – by simply wearing the correct bra size, say researchers.

According to medical experts, large breasts can lead to pain in the neck, back and shoulders.

A London hospital offering bra checks says until now, none of the women tested has been wearing the correct cup size. This result in the weight of the breasts being carried by the shoulders rather than the chest and contributes to back pain.

Research suggests that women tend to underestimate the size of their back by up to four inches, and overestimate their cup size by up to three sizes. Many breast symptoms related to discomfort in the neck and back are caused by ill-fitting bras.

Traditional measurement techniques that are practiced by department stores or mass marketers are highly inaccurate—they are misleading and wrong more than half the time. Fitters that are experienced will teach you “how to” select, wear, wardrobe, and get comfort. They will explain the dynamics of how bras perform so that you can be satisfied after you go home!

Shoulder stiffness and pain are caused by relying on the straps for support—only 10% of the support should come from the straps and 90-% from the bra back that provides lateral support across the body. Most women-especially if they are fuller busted- rely on the straps for far too much support! This also results in bra riding up the back and all the engineering of the bra-it’s components like underwires –shift and dig into a woman’s body!

Women are embarrassed to seek professional help and trying on bras is as personal as it gets! Women feel their problems are not “solvable” so they feel further defeated. They don’t believe there are ANY satisfactory answers that they would find. They don’t want to feel further defeated by trying to get help!

A bra should fit firmly around the body. Most women are trying to achieve comfort from the start, so they tend to buy a bra that’s too big around and then when they wear it for several weeks and it stretches a bit—they look sloppy. So here’s the general rule of thumb. If you wear a 2-4 try a size 30; size 4-6 try a 32: size 8-10 try a size 34; size 12-14 try a 36 and so on.

Another general rule of thumb is that every time you go down ONE BACK SIDE—GO UP ONE CUP SIZE. In other words, a 38B should go to a 36C.

The most important part of the bra is its strong “GUTSY” back band- the lycra/stretch should give KICK BACK. When you buy a bra check to see how hard it is to stretch it without it wanting to retract—it’s this grab effect that holds the bra on your body for 16 hours a day. It needs to be of the highest quality.