Rheumatoid arthritis Medication


Those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis will realise that the quality of their lives reduce greatly when they are stricken by the disease. The joint pains make many of the enjoyable activities unpleasant. Things like climbing stairs gardening, writing letters become painful activities. When these normal activities become difficult, rheumatoid arthritis medication becomes a necessity.
The disease is degenerative, so it makes the patient immobile due to swollen joints and stiffness.

Weight loss is key
The higher the body weight the more the pain. That is why most doctors advice patients of rheumatoid arthritis to lose weight. Patients of rheumatoid arthritis must do complete exercises like cycling, swimming, and walking.

Balanced diet
Taking a balanced diet made of carbohydrates, vegetables, fresh fruits and juices and fish oil which is the source of Omega-3 fatty acids is recommended with medications given. This will go a long way to reduce the pain and stiffness.

Importance of medication
As the disease is degenerative, it affects the cartilage tissues present in the joints. They become worn out thus causing swelling and unbearable pain. That is why medication is necessary to reduce the excessive pain.

Some medications
The medication for rheumatoid arthritis include niacin amide, chondrotin, glucosamine sulphate and some herbs like Devil’s claw and ginger. Niacin amide is found to provide increased mobility in the joints of patients. It also helps to reduce the inflammation and the pain.
There are other medications that patients of rheumatoid arthritis can use such as anti inflammatory creams and ointments which can help reduce pain and the inflammation to a large extent.

In addition to that doctors recommend that patients take some supplements to help in reducing symptoms like stiff joints and pain. These supplements can be obtained readily from any pharmacy shop.

Natural herbs
Natural herbs like devils claw, curcurmin, Boswelia, yucca and ginger recommended by herbalists and naturopaths as effective in lowering inflammation. These herbs are used in anti inflammation medicines.
When the medication is taken in addition to exercise and diet the patient will get relief from the pain and stiffness.

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