Results of Male Ego Clashes


Marriages as they say are made in heaven. But, the increasing number of divorce cases flooding the Courts has sociologists and psychologists worried alike. More disturbing are the changing grounds for divorce. In recent years, promiscuity and ego clashes seem to be topping the grievance list of couples, with more and more broken relationships ending in bitter battles in courtrooms.

The economic independence of women has seen male dominance decrease. Seeing their wives gaining economic independence has become the basic source of male ego clashes, which more often than not results in divorce. The other reason for divorces, broken relationships and lost opportunities is the alarming rise in extramarital affairs. Promiscuity, love triangles are on the rise among young working couples with equal access to the outside world. Many couples are seeking divorces just within a year of marriage, couples that got married on the basis of a sudden whim and fancy for each other.

The recent development of housewives turning into career women has given them real economic independence. In our male-oriented society, the male ego has always been there. When hurt, it manifests itself in various forms, usually sadistically inflicting cruelty, physical and / or mental. Earlier, women were not economically independent, which meant she had no option but to be tolerant. Today, it is a changing scenario but men have not adjusted themselves to the changing scene.

Men have to learn to adjust to a changing environment, otherwise as can be seen the results of male ego clashes are unpleasant. Countless broken relationships, so many lost opportunities, so much negativity and all because men are not willing to allow women the same rights and freedom they enjoy themselves. He must understand that patriarchal societies have no place in today’s world. Women have stormed every male bastion and can no longer be viewed as the submissive creature that can be bullied or beaten into doing one’s bidding. The same goes for children, for whom the old maxim: ‘Children are meant to be seen not heard’ no longer holds true. So, why throw a temper tantrum if you child or your wife or sister or mother answers back.

Times are a changing and new laws being enacted to protect the women and the children from the results of male ego clashes. The sooner men learnt to cope with the changes, the sooner will the number of broken relationships and lost opportunities decrease!