Removal of body hair – permanent method


Thanks to the overworking of some glands in our body, some people have to face hair growth not only on their head but on other parts of the body like hands, legs and sometimes even face. Moustaches and beards are the mark of a man, but for a woman they could be a source of embarrassment.

Fortunately scientific advancements have come up with technical solutions to help one get rid of the excess hair. The permanent hair removal methods target the papilla which is the nourishing source of hair.  Restricting the growth of hair over a period of time leads to gradual thinning and compete stoppage of hair growth.

One such permanent method is electrolysis. This is a process where chemical and electrical means are used to remove hair permanently. It is also known as the galvanic method. A chemical substance is inserted into the hair follicle using the tip of a needle which destroys the roots permanently. However it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Many sittings are required to completely free the skin of hair. This should be done by trained personnel only, as a wrong move would mean burning the skin too.

Thermolysis is another method that has been introduced recently. The process is the same as electrolysis meaning the hair follicle is coagulated using heat.

In the laser technique, a ray of light is focused on the skin at a specific wavelength.  The light targets dark material, usually the pigment in hair, and causes thermal mechanical damage to the hair follicle. The surrounding tissues are left unharmed as the laser rays target only the cell they are meant for.

Advantages of permanent hair removal methods:

This is the only solution to reduce excessive growth of hair.
After every session the hair growth is finer and continued session will eventually stop hair growth in that area.

Disadvantages of permanent hair removal methods:

Costs are quite inhibitive particularly if the area to be treated is large like back or legs.
The procedure is quite painful.
Procedural mistakes by inexperienced hands can cause permanent damage to other parts of the skin.


  • Jasmeet Kaur

    I have hair growth on my chin. i ant its permanent treatment, so is there is any one treatment kindly inform me so that i can gt id of these hair growth.

  • rahul

    i want to hair remove permanently of pains plase

  • sabiya

    some hair on my Boobs how to remove permanently pls advice