Remedies for your dandruff problem


How many times have you wanted to do just that and just didn’t have the courage to do it because of persistent dandruff problems? Dandruff affects lives more than one can imagine.

The term ‘dandruff’ — or pityriasis simplex, as it is medically referred to — is the name given to an annoying condition characterized by an itchy and flaky scalp.

Signs of dandruff

If you notice small, loose, whitish flakes (which is, in reality, dead skin) on your scalp or trapped in your hair strand, you have a dandruff problem. This could be accompanied by an itchy feeling.

Causes of dandruff

Dandruff occurs when the scalp sheds dead epidermal (skin) cells in large clumps. It is caused by poor diet, sluggish metabolism, hormonal imbalance and sometimes infection.
A person suffering from oily dandruff has overactive sebaceous glands. This causes the natural shedding process to speed up, resulting in a crusty scalp, oily hair and excessive flaking. In the case of dry dandruff, the oil glands become plugged, resulting in dull, dry looking hair and flakes of dead skin.

Treatment of dandruff

If you have mild dandruff, you could try increasing the frequency of your hair washes. The rule of thumb is the more frequently you shampoo, the less dandruff you will have. If mild shampoos don’t work, and if your dandruff is severe, use a medicated anti-dandruff shampoo which contains selenium sulfide to wash your hair. After applying shampoo, massage your scalp lightly with your fingertips to loosen the scales. Be careful not to overuse the anti-dandruff shampoo as this could lead to dry hair.

Some home remedies

A light massage with hot oil helps remove scales. Pure coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil should be used and left overnight. Next morning one hour before shampooing, the juice of one lemon should be applied to the scalp. Pour apple cider vinegar on the scalp, massage, let dry for a few minutes then wash hair as normal. Repeat this process every day until dandruff disappears.

Crush two aspirin and add to your normal amount of shampoo you use to wash your hair. Apply the mixture on hair and leave it on for one to two minutes. Rinse well and ensure all the aspirin has been washed away. You can also add baking soda to your shampoo. Mix Well. Leave it on till it starts burning. If it doesn’t start to burn it’s not working.

Henna is also known to control dandruff and promote healthy hair growth. Henna powder mixed with lemon, curd or egg is good for curing dandruff. Apply curd on your hair leave it for about half an hour and then wash it with shampoo.

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