5 Remedies For Rectal Bleeding During Pregnancy

Remedies For Rectal Bleeding During Pregnancy

Remedies For Rectal Bleeding During Pregnancy

Rectal bleeding during pregnancy can be quite distressing and alarming in some pregnant women. As soon as a pregnant woman notices bleeding, the source of bleeding should be confirmed by seeking help of a doctor or care giver. Confirming the source of bleeding helps in removing the confusion between vaginal and rectal bleeding. Once the mind is at rest, attention to relieving the rectal bleeding can be thought of. 

A large number of women suffer from rectal bleeding in last trimester pregnancy or after birth of the baby, mainly due to hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids develop as a result of straining during bowel movement. Bleeding can also occur due to friction while wiping the already swollen rectal veins. Bleeding usually stops soon after the constipation is cured. Sometimes a small surgery may be required in severe cases, but it must be avoided in pregnant women.

Anal fissures are another cause of rectal bleeding during pregnancy. Anal fissures are cracks and cuts in in the skin of anal region due to stretching while passing hard stool in constipation. The cause in both the conditions is constipation which gets aggravated during pregnancy. Here are some of the best remedial measures which can be taken to get relief from rectal bleeding during pregnancy:

Remedies For Rectal Bleeding During Pregnancy


Diet For Rectal Bleeding During Pregnancy

Taking easily digestible diet rich in fiber should be taken to control the constipation. Cereals, whole grain breads, fresh fruits and vegetable should be eaten at regular intervals.

Adding two tablespoon of wheat bran to morning cereal followed by a glass of water every day helps in reducing constipation t a large extent. It is recommended to drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water and a glass of prune juice daily to get relief from constipation.


Yoga For Rectal Bleeding During Pregnancy

Daily walking energizes the metabolism and helps in improving the digestion. Regular pelvic exercise and yoga is also of a great help. Following the nature’s call instead of letting it accumulate is of great importance to reduce the problem of constipation. If the problem of constipation is controlled, the problem of rectal bleeding can be reduced to a large extent.

Remedial Measures To Prevent And Sooth Hemorrhoids

Kegel Exercises For Rectal Bleeding During Pregnancy

It is important to take measures to prevent hemorrhoids. Doing Kegel exercises regularly in the morning strengthens and relaxes the muscles of rectal region.This can be done by contracting the anal and vaginal muscles, hold it for 8 to 10 seconds, then release and relax. The process should be repeated 25 times for getting good result. This exercise also strengthens and firms the urethral muscles in and around vagina which helps in speedy post partum recovery.

Hot And Cold Packs

Cold Packs For Rectal Bleeding During Pregnancy

Sitz bath helps a lot in soothing the hemorrhoid. In this, pregnant women need to sit in a water tub for 15 minutes .Temperature of water in the tub can be ice cold, hot or room temperature.

Use Of Soft Toilet Paper

Soft Toilet Paper For Rectal Bleeding During Pregnancy

The area around the anus should be cleaned by splashing the water and wiping with unscented soft toilet paper. Soft moistened toilet paper can also be used. Rectal bleeding in pregnant women is a very uncomfortable condition. Pregnant women should not be concerned as it can be taken care easily by controlling constipation and preventing hemorrhoids.


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