Remedies For Nosebleeds During Pregnancy

Pregnancy nose bleeding

Pregnancy nose bleeding Nose bleeds are quite common during pregnancy because of hormonal changes in the body. It seems as you are bleeding too much, but the amount of blood is insignificant and harmless.

The chances of nose bleeds increase when you have cold, sinus infection or some kind of allergy. If the intake of fluid is less, then also your body is at increased risk of getting nose bleeds. Some of the best remedies for nose bleeding are listed below:

Tips To Cure Nosebleeds During Pregnancy

Apply Ice

If your nose is injured and bleeding, applying ice is one of the most effective methods to stop the bleeding. For this, you need to place crushed ice in a bag or cover with a towel and then place the towel on the nose and hold it till the bleeding stops. This method also helps in reducing any kind of swelling in the nose.

Vinegar And Whole Wheat Bread

Vinegar helps in sealing the blood vessel wall. You can take vinegar and apply it in a cotton ball or a cloth and put it in the nostril that is bleeding. It is advised to have enough foods which contain zinc as it helps in maintaining the strength of the blood vessels. So, you can eat whole wheat bread or brown rice and popcorn for snacks which have high source of zinc.

Take Steam

To avoid nose bleeds, you can take steam which is considered to be a very effective remedy for curing nose bleeds.

Nose bleeding during pregnancy

For taking steam, you need to boil water in a pot and put a towel on your head and lean forward and breathe. You can either try a steam from tea or take mini steam bath twice a day.

Eat Vegetables

Vitamin K is good for blood clotting and one can have it in the form of green leafy vegetables. Vitamin C is also important to prevent the blood vessels from bursting out. So, it is advised to eat Vitamin C enriched food and drink adequate amount of orange juice during pregnancy.

Increase Fluid Intake

Cure nose bleeding during pregnancy

Intake of water prevents your body from getting dehydrated and nasal gets easily cleaned up. So, pregnant women are recommended to take fluid either in the form of water, juice or milk. The quantity of various kinds of fluids can be taken as per the recommendation of one’s health care provider.

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Don’t Put Pressure On Your Nose

It is advised to avoid low temperature in order to avoid getting cold. Whenever you sneeze, open your mouth in order to release the air pressure and avoid exerting pressure on the nose.

Keep Away From Dry Air

You should keep away from the dry environment as it increases the risk of nose bleeding. For preventing nose bleeds, you can increase the room temperature and check the humidity if you have the humidifier. Pregnant women should also avoid inhaling smoke.

During pregnancy, it will be good if you stay away from any kind of pressure and anxiety because it can also be the reason for your nose bleed. You should take healthy foods and keep yourself away from dryness in order to avoid bleeding. In case these remedies don’t help, you should immediately consult a doctor.


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