Remedies for brittle nails


Grew up seeing your mothers drinking plenty of water and daily dose of gelatin. They took proper care to have strong nails and that proper care was to take gelatin. However, they were ignorant about the fact that gelatin does not enhance nails strength.

Strong and shiny nails are what every women dream about. They like to paint polish and flatter and flaunt. The coming of nail paints has also encouraged women’s desire to have long and strong nails. Your nail becomes weak due to many reasons such as exposure to household chemicals and detergents and their application dry out the nails. Some nails dry simply because of aging effect. They get brittle as one grows older.

Women no more cry, here are the remedies for you to get back strong and beautiful nails. Your hand should always be moisturized, never leave them dry. Apply petroleum jelly or thick water washable creams, they will act as an emollient and will hold moisture around and under the nails.

If you are dying to get rid off brittle nails then you should not mind to wear cotton gloves to bed. Before slipping gloves, wash your hand and apply cream on the nails. There are specific creams for your nails you can ever apt to it.

The problem can be solved by going for soaked-in-olive oil. This will give you tremendous improvement. You have to keep them for 15 to 30 minutes to get the desired result.

You can also opt for a good moisturizer and also go for hydrate treatment with bath-oil capsules. They are highly recommended for brittle nails. Use of olive oil is a must. You can use it as possible as you can. There is no harm in it since it’s a natural product.

Beware of nail remover that you use. Going for frequent manicures can dry the nails and hence making them more prone to brittle. Avoid going for it if you want immediate result.