Relieve Stress – Manage Your Time Properly

manage stress

Most of us feel that there are not enough hours in the day, when we have a family to take care of.  Whether you stay at home to take care of your family or if you are a working parent managing your time can make the difference in your happiness. I know of a family that have grown up under very stressful conditions due solely to their mother’s total lack of time keeping. 

The stress that is often caused to children by the lack of organization is insurmountable.  When there is no structure or routine in the day, everything basically runs away from you, being late and disorganized just becomes part of your daily life.  While for an adult who chooses not to step up and manage his days properly it’s not so bothersome as most of the time they will justify their actions and hack their way through the day sufficiently.  Children on the other hand suffer as helpless victims, they have no control over what adults do and do not do.

Their routine or lack thereof is subject to what the disorganized parent decides.  This family grew up starting every day of their lives late for school, they would all be rushed around the house in a panic, there would not be any time for breakfast and often not even enough time to gather together what they needed for their day ahead.

Increasing the stress levels at school which also creates a pattern of inconsistency for the child.  By always getting into trouble firstly for being late and then for not having the right equipment or items for projects.  Their mother also used to be rushing them down the road to the already waiting school bus with a mop of unruly hair and in her pyjama’s.

So every start of the day was destroyed as they were awoken and this lack of consideration eventually just became their way of life. Surely to the detriment of the children, I know from one member or the family that due to the fact that the entire bus used to only see his mother in this hectic and disordered state he was teased endlessly.  Another member confides that she has a lot of anger at how they were made to feel every single day.

Not only by their mother who used to be shouting and screaming, pushing them out the door in a frenzy.  But also that she never had the chance to start her day in any other way other than with an adrenalin boost from the get go.  The children were always woken in this panicked, loud voice and their mother turning the lights on and tearing the curtains open so as to get the entire household up in one go.  Never realizing for one minute that the world of difference can be made out of a pleasant start to their day.

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