Relationship Help – Coping With Relationship Troubles


Today, most relationships start at one moment and end at the next and in between the beginning and the end of those relationships, there are periods of doubt, mistrust, arguments and even momentary breakups, which eventually ends the relationship and the partners of the r relationship part ways.

For the relationships that last for decades, which are a rare in today’s modern society, how do those relationships last for that long a period? Do they have an old-age secret that has been kept from other people for decades or the partners in the relationship have sat down and worked out their issues to the point that they would allow nothing can set them apart?

If that is the case, then many couples have not heard of it and probably will not hear it. Why do most relationships end and can they be saved from ending? Well, that is up to the partners in the relationship and their willingness to see the help they need to work out their problems.

I do believe that most problems in a relationship can be worked out but one or both parties in that relationship must come to terms with their problems in order for the help to work, since if they seek help but do not fully commit to being helped, then the relationship help will be no good.

A relationship can end even over the simplest of things (which can be fixed easily), if the couple is willing to try to solve the problem. The first thing a couple should do in working out the problem or problems is to admit that a problem exists.

The second thing is to talk about the problem and see if it can be solved with help of a professional counselor. If this does not work, then a professional counselor or a trusted clergyperson should be sought.

Seeking relationship help from a counselor or a clergy person is the best thing if the couple cannot solve their problems on their own. They would sit down with the troubled couple to hear their concerns and afterwards, give advice on how to solve the issue or issues.

If this does not work the first time, the couples should keep trying until the couple feel there is no way the relationship can last and should either separate for a while or end the relationship.

A relationship is a s good as the partner’s willingness and desire to make it last and when that falters and help is not sought out by the couple, then the relationship is destined to end and for those relationships that last for decades; I say keep up the good work and if you would, tell a few other couples about your secret, whether it works or not.