Relationship Advice – How To End An Affair

end an affair

You know deep inside that it is the wrong thing to do, but you can’t seem to stop yourself. The moral part of you wants to let go, but the vulnerable part of you keeps pulling you back. So how are you to end an affair that is potentially devastating to everyone involved. Here are a few suggestions that will help you get over the rocky patch.

One usually gets into an affair due to an emotional void in their marriage. Ask yourself, is this any different from drug and alcohol abuse for relieving pain? Whatever the troubles and concerns in your marriage, an affair is simply not the answer.

Another reason for blooming affairs is the lack of excitement in a long term relationship. A long term relationship finds it hard to compete with the raging endorphins in your brains during the romancing stage. Try and realize, that your affair is going to lose all its magic once this phase is over and no matter how much you try to convince yourself that he/she is indeed your soul mate, it is simply not the case. That is how you felt about your spouse in the first place.

It is easy to dismiss the eventualities of an affair in all the wild excitement. But stop for a minute and think about the hurt you will inflict on your spouse when the affair is discovered. If you have children, realize how they will feel about you when they discover that you chose another man over family bliss. Think how you will feel to be the solely responsible for the heartache, sorrow and pain in your family.

Many of us are aware about the consequences, yet find it hard to end the affair due to the emotional involvement. Yes, ending an affair is as hard as ending any other relationship.

The only way to end an affair is to be firm and direct. There is simply no room for emotional talks, last meetings or final goodbyes. Once you have decided it should end (which is the hardest part) it has to end that minute. Be firm and tell your lover that it is over.  No matter how hard you convince yourself, having a platonic relationship with this person is not even a remote possibility.

When it comes to ending an affair, there is no tomorrow. It has to happen today.