Regain Trust in a Relationship

Regain Relationship

It takes years and years to build trust in a relationship and it takes only a single instance of infidelity to smash the effort of years and break the trust. Broken trust is one of the frequent causes of damaged and failed relationships. Regaining trust is a long process which demands persistent efforts and dedication to undo the damage caused.

However, if you have the will and the motivation to hang on, you can rebuild the faith and create an everlasting relationship much stronger than the previous one.

Regaining trust is a long and gradual process. The foremost step is to confess your mistakes and acknowledge your faults. At first you may feel that confessing your mistakes has aggravated the problem and infuriated your partner. But you have to be patient as your partner has been hurt and will react with anger and rage. However once the initial anger has cooled down, your partner will appreciate that you admitted your faults and accepted them.

Patience and persistence are the essentials in the process of regaining someone’s trust. When a person’s trust is broken, the person is bound to become suspicious and cynical about your motives. For a very long time you will find your dedication towards the relationship being questioned. Nonetheless remain calm as your patience will be rewarded in due time when your partner will be able to see the improved side of you and trust you again.

Dishonoring someone’s trust causes much pain and hurt. Empathize with your partner’s feeling to lessen their pain. Show them that you understand their feelings and that you care about their pain. Reassure them that you truly feel guilty about your act and will rectify your mistakes. Honor every commitment you make to gain their trust. Fulfill every promise you make. Prove yourself by reassuring them again and again. Rebuilding trust is much more difficult than winning someone’s trust for the first time.

Nonetheless if you feel that you are making no progress and your efforts have ended in vain, seek counseling from relationship advisors who can suggest you ways to regain the confidence of your partner.


  • Elsabe Smit

    There are times when the relationship has run its natural course, and the breach of trust happens because either or one partner does not want to let go of the relationship. When this happens, it often makes more sense to find a constructive way to end the relationship.