Reasons Of Women Staying After Infidelity In Marriages

Infidelity In Marriages causes

Infidelity In Marriages causes A great number of women stay in their marriages even after they come to know about their spouse’s betrayal and infidelity. It is not that these women do not have self respect or they still love their husbands too much to move on. There are various different reasons why a woman keeps hanging on to her marriage rather than throwing her husband out.

Why do women stay after infidelity?


Most women, after coming to know about their spouse’s infidelity, start thinking that they are somehow responsible for the affair. Such a woman stops believing in her own worthiness and she feels that she is not good enough for her husband which is why he cheated.

A woman starts wondering if she has somehow pushed her husband towards another woman by neglecting him in the bedroom. In fact, a research has shown that a large number of women, who are coping with the betrayal of their spouse, feel the need to shed their weight to feel attractive and worthy again.

Financial Support

Most women who rely on their spouse financially find it difficult to leave their marriage. They worry what they might have to face in future if they do not have the financial support of their husband. A woman who has never stepped outside the confines of her home to earn livelihood feels safer living with her husband, who is cheating on her, as she feels that she does not have the means to cope without him.


This is the most common reason why a woman feels the need to stick to her marriage even when nothing is left in it. A woman, being the homemaker, feels that it is her responsibility to keep the marriage from falling apart so that she can protect her children from the pain and stress that most children have to undergo during the divorce of their parents.

Infidelity in marriages

Most women are ready to bear anything just to give their children a well sheltered life. Another reason is that they do not want to feel responsible for keeping the children away from their father.

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Some women find it easier to drop the matter of their partner’s infidelity rather than taking a stand for themselves. They are willing to live with the pain and the humiliation as long as they can live the life they want.

It is more convenient for these women to go on with their life as if nothing has changed. It is not as if they are living in denial. These women completely accept their husband’s affair but they do not want to be bothered to create a separate life for themselves.


Most women do not want the world to know that their husband is having an extramarital affair. They feel they would be humiliated if their friends and family know about the affair. It is a matter of pride for women and they do not want to leave their marriage in fear of letting the world know that they have lost their husband to another woman. Staying in a marriage with a jerk seems better to women than accepting their husband’s infidelity in front of the world.