Reasons Behind Blood Pressure Fluctuations

fluctuation of blood pressure

fluctuation of blood pressure Some of the diseases have become very common in a human’s life. One of them is dealing with blood pressure. Blood pressure is nothing but mere force applied by blood while circulating in blood vessel walls

This pressure keeps on changing when we are in tension or when are food intake is improper. More over many people face high or low blood pressure due to family history also.

Normal blood pressure means that it is between 120/80. High blood pressure means anywhere near 140/90 or even higher than this. Low blood pressure implies anywhere near 120/80 or even lower than this. Fluctuation of blood pressure towards higher side or lower side is an indication of serious health problem, such as heart attack, stroke, heart failure, paralyses and much more than this.

Food Or Other Factors Which Can Oscillate Blood Pressure.

Age and the level of mental stress your body is going through are considered to be chief factors for fluctuation in blood pressure. With the age walls of blood vessel get harder, due to which chances of fluctuation in blood pressure increases.

Consumption of alcohol, on daily basis or heavy smoking also leads the way towards fluctuation of blood pressure. While smoking heart goes through added pressure which makes it harder to perform efficiently.

It’s very odd but very true that after eating meal of a day your blood pressure will rise approximately for 45 minutes. That is only due to presence of salt in your food. Many of us are sensitive towards sodium level present in salt, which fluctuate our blood pressure.

Very easily available thing water can also trigger the level of blood pressure in our body. Less intake of water generally causes stress on our body parts, as result you can notice fluctuation in blood pressure. Which as a result it helps to uphold blood pressure.

Besides all these there are some appealing facts which become reason for fluctuation of our blood pressure. Our dreams can also influence blood pressure. People get excited while dreaming. Due to excitement blood pressure increases.

You will be surprised to know that even urinary bladder can influence our blood pressure. When you hold your urine for couple of hours then, your blood pressure is likely to increase. Whereas the moment your bladder will be empty your blood pressure will be back to normal rate.

While travelling with radical change in climate people’s blood pressure tend to alter. Even though with the change in season your blood pressure will change. So don’t worry with these minute changes.

blood pressure variation

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Food Or Other Factors Which Can Prevent Oscillation Of Blood Pressure.

Exercise is the answer of all the body related problems.  Blood pressure is also lined up here. With the regular exercise you can shred out over weight. Overweight put strain on working of your heart. Be careful next time before choosing your food. It should be of less calories and low fatting too.

To maintain a stable blood pressure is not always an easy job. For this you have to take care of your eating habits, duration of exercise in a day, how effectively you can manage your stress level, you have to give up your smoking and drinking, reduce the intake of sodium, reduce the intake of drinks containing caffeine.

There are other easy ways which can help you to take control of your blood pressure. Try to add uncooked tomato in your daily diet. Scientist says that there is amino acid present in tomatoes, which helps in lowering down the blood pressure as well as hypertension. You can go for fresh homemade tomato juice also, but stay away from salt with this.

Add oats in your breakfast. This is filled with fibers. Bad cholesterols are always there in our body. But when the level of these bad cholesterols increases the risk of high blood pressure also increases, as they prevent the flow of blood through our arteries. The fibers which are present in oat help to lower down the density of bad cholesterol. Therefore you can enjoy your life without high blood pressure.

Celery is another food which can help you to maintain blood pressure. This also helps in smooth flow of blood through our arteries. Which as a result it helps to uphold blood pressure.

Apart from this fresh juice of bitter gourd or bottle gourd can also be helpful in upholding blood pressure. Generally people prefer it as a first thing in morning.

The Effects Of Coffee On High Blood Pressure

Mostly people believe that high consumption of caffeine, whether it is in form of coffee or cola is harmful. High intake of caffeine tightens our arteries which prevents the flow of blood and causes high blood pressure. Coffee is one drink with a high amount of caffeine in it.

But lots of studies have come up with the fact that there is no such link between the consumption of caffeine and blood pressure. Research shows that the risk of high blood pressure is near to the ground for people who drink no coffee but on other side people who have lot of coffee are sitting on same chair of risk. Body becomes habitual after a certain time, as a result it’s hard to find effects of caffeine.

If still you have your doubts regarding effect of coffee on blood pressure, then limit the consumption of coffee. The ideal amount of caffeine which your body can accept is only 200 milligrams a day, which means two cup of coffee. But be careful as amount of caffeine present in coffee varies from brand to brand.

You can check yourself whether intake of caffeine is increasing your blood pressure or not. Check your blood pressure before intake of coffee and check it again after consuming coffee, keep the time gap of as a minimum 15 minutes. If there is increase then your body is sensitive towards consumption of coffee.
People with high consumption of coffee cannot reduce the intake all of sudden, you can face high headaches or nausea. They should reduce slowly and gradually with in the weeks.

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