Rare Complication Of Pregnancy


Rare Complications Involved:
HELLP Syndrome is one of the rarest complications involved in pregnancy, but it is of major risk to the life of the child since babies in this case are born as premature babies, whereas there is no threat to the life of the mother. This occurs due to rupture of red blood cells and damage of the liver. The exact cause for the syndrome is not known, but it is said to be a genetic disorder.

Baby in Transverse Position:
This might pose another danger in any pregnant women. In case the baby is seen in transverse position in the mother’s womb, the delivery may be a complicated one. Caesarean delivery is proposed in this case and after delivery utmost care must be taken.

Presence of cyst in the ovaries:
The presence of cyst in the ovaries may lead to complications in delivery. At times bleeding is seen which makes the pregnant lady lose her calm and this tension often leads to miscarriage. Care must be taken to see that cyst, if any must be cured right at the beginning stages.

Other complications that are normally seen are Diabetes during pregnancy, blood pressure during pregnancy, low birth weight in the foetus.

Other symptoms like infections can also lead to several complications in pregnancy.

Consumption of alcohol or use of drugs at the time of pregnancy also causes major complication during the delivery. So it is very important to leave vices like smoking, drinking etc when you conceive.

Another major complication during pregnancy is the pregnancy fear which many women develop if it is their first delivery it becomes very important in this case to morally support them in order to avoid any further complications.

Pregnancy the most joyous moment in a woman’s life and women should try to avoid any vices and bad habits which can increase chances of any complications.