Rakhi Sawant – I am comfortable without bra!

Sexiness kits being a topic closed to her heart, Bollywood’s own desi babe, Rakhi Sawant replied by saying that, in her case, this will not include a bra! “If I am wearing an evening gown, I’ll make sure I am not wearing a bra. I hate wearing it,” she uttered fearlessly. However, she went on to admit that she does wear knickers – Pooh!

“My lips are very pouty, my eyes are very sexy and my face is very glamorous,” she continued with modesty, going on to say that she liked to emphasize her visible assets with lip gloss, mascara and eyebrow powder to make her eyes look deep and mysterious. Soha Ali Khan debates that she does not need to go to much trouble, ““My sexiness kit is always with me because it’s in my personality,” she added.